Play Pass the Penis with Princess Andi.Hello, Daily Cock fans. This is Princess Andi, and I want to say, Pass the Penis is going strong. Lots of sexy fun going on out there, and with the generous savings being offered this month to celebrate Masturbation May, Pass the Penis is being offered at a discounted rate. There is no reason not to take a chance and play.

When most people think of Pass the Penis they think it’s all about different edging and or stroking techniques and, as much fun as that is, playing pass the penis doesn’t have to be limited to just that. Here are some fun ways you can play Pass the Penis this Masturbation May:

Many Ways to Play Pass the Penis

Pass the Spanker: Are you into corporal punishment? Well, hell yes, then you need to play. Bring your favorite spanking implements and be prepared to be spanked by as many mistresses as you can. This can be very fun and exciting, not just for you, the spankee, but for the Mistress that gets to spank you as well. Gee, I wonder how long it will be before you can sit without grimacing?

Pass the Cum Eater: This can be fun by having you eat your cum out of a condom or off a plate. Make more cum drippings for the next mistress to have you eat up for her. The possibilities are countless. You can even play Pass the Penis using the eating cum out of a condom challenge that I wrote about recently.

Pass the Sissy: Every gurl dreams of being passed around, having to change clothes and be feminized by different Mistresses. One Mistress might have you paint your nails, another might tell you what skirt to put on. There are so many things we Mistresses love to do with you beautiful ladies. Anything can happen. I also like to  call this Pass the Clitty.

Pass the Pain Slut: Are you a pain slut? Like cbt, nipple torment and other types of pain? Well, how exiting is it to be passed from Mistress to Mistress and experience various forms of cbt and delicious torment?

Pass the Cock Sucker: If you are looking to learn how to suck a cock and learn different techniques and please different Mistresses through the process, now is your chance to do it. Bring your favorite dildos and anything else you might need to keep you comfortable while taking cock sucking instruction and pick up the phone.

Pass the Humiliation Slut: Perhaps you need to experience different types of humiliation? Maybe you want to confess things to different mistresses that make you turn red in the face. Does it turn you on, entertaining Mistresses and having strong woman laugh at you? Well, this is a great way to get passed around and everyone has fun!

Play Pass the Penis to celebrate Masturbation May 2016.Let’s have fun this Masturbation May

This Masturbation May is about having fun and celebrating all the sexy ways you can masturbate. I just suggested some fun ways to play Pass the Penis and save money this May while doing it. If you have not tried Pass the Penis, I encourage you to do it. LDW is giving a generous discount to all of you that play Pass the Penis during the month of Masturbation May.

Princess Andi



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