Celebrate Mistress Brighton's anniversary with five free minutes!

Mistress Brighton’s One Year Anniversary 1-800-601-6975

In June of 2015 I took my first call at LDW. Since then. I have learned a lot about my “craft”, met some wonderful ladies who have been an inspiration to me, and of course there is YOU. our customers! I honestly can say I’ve gotten very spoiled at the empire, knowing some absolutely wonderful, warm, kind spirits in the form of our callers. You have all made my tenure here fun an enjoyable, being friendly, welcoming, and open minded. And as you know, I love to have FUN. that being the operative word in all that I am a part of. If you’re not having fun, there’s no point in doing it! With that said, since you all have been great to me, I want to give something back and help you celebrate my anniversary with me!

Five Free Minutes Just For You

Receive five free minutes with a purchase of a 10 minute call or longer from now until July 16th when you call me or if you prefer this offer also applies to texting sessions of 10 minutes or more. Wouldn’t you love an extra five minutes to spend quality time with your Enchantrix Tease? *wink wink*

More Freebies?

Please check out my newest blog post, titled: Brighton’s LDW One Year Anniversary, to learn how you can get a free erotic audio and picture, from yours truly! I look forward to hearing your naughty thoughts, and celebrating my first year at LDW with you!



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Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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