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Some of my callers know one of the reasons why I’m frequently available late at night is because I game. I’m primarily a console gamer, and the servers tend to be overloaded in early evening or around the time people start going to work, which leads to game lag, crashes, etc. But late at night? Hehehehe, that is when I can game to my heart’s content without worrying about glitching servers (unless of course, they go down for maintenance). In between calls, I’m dungeon crawling, raiding, or power leveling and crafting away. Current Addictions are Rockband (expert vocals), Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, and Ratchet & Clank. Honorary mentions go to the series God of War, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider.

Anime Addict

I love Full Metal Alchemist (and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood), Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Noir, Slayers (for pure silliness & lampooning of the Fantasy RGP genre), and quite a few others. I actually went to Akon one year cosplaying as Faye Valentine 🙂 Another year, I went as the Angelus (from The Darkness comics, the ones where Marc Silvestri illustrated).

Sci fi/Fantasy Shows

Firefly, Star Trek (Captain Picard, if you please), Terra Nova, Caprica, FarScape, Stargate SG1, Legend of the Seeker, Once Upon a Time, and I’m always on the hunt for more.

                                                PC Building Princess

Some people play with dolls or legos when they’re younger; I played with circuit boards. In fact, I just finished building my new PC, a gaming & multimedia content creating and editing powerhouse. My most recent creation is a beast of speed, with a Samsung 950 pro 512GB M.2 drive as the boot drive, Samsung 850 pro 1TB SSD storage, and another 4TB hard drive storage, 32GB DDR4 3000mhz, an iCore 7 6700K processor for Overclocking, a sweet motherboard from Gigabyte, a Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler, Bluray Multi DVD/CD writer/reader optical drive, and Platinum rated power supply from EVGA, and I’ve got a 50″ HDTV as my monitor courtesy of HDMI cables, wireless keyboard and mouse, and a Logitech Artemis wireless headset (capable of connecting to PC, XB1, and PS4 + smart phone).

So, if you want to geek out over your PC’s specs, vent about the latest randoms that ruined your dungeon raid, swap character class or leveling tips, or swap favorite TV shows, movies, comics, etc, feel free. I love getting my geek on, and I know I’m not the only one.

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