Goddess Gone Walkabout in the Great Barrier Reef

Hi, subbies! Don’t worry that you won’t see me on for calls for a while. I’m on the other side of the world having the vacation of a lifetime with my fiance, James! We’re going on a scuba diving pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef, and we will be having a few land-based adventures in the land Down Under while we’re there. This post is all about the Great Barrier Reef portion of our trip.

Mistress Lilly takes a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef, courtesy of NatGeo.

Highlights of the Journey

The Great Barrier Reef: The World Heritage listed Natural Wonder stretches across thousands of miles and thousands of reefs, it is home to to some of the most diverse, delicate, and beautiful species our planet has to offer. It’s also critically threatened by climate change. James and I will be exploring and diving in about 14 different sections of the Ribbon Reefs and Outer Reefs locations over the course of 10 days.

The Outer Reef: Chains of Reefs that hover on the edge of the Continental shelf & the abyss. These locations tend to be the most pristine, with the healthiest ecosystems, the best visibility…and the biggest sea life. Including sharks. Lots of sharks. I’m a little nervous about that since we’re free diving, but they’re mostly reef sharks and apparently harmless to humans unless provoked. This is also our best chance to see a few early bird dwarf mink whales and Humpbacks who are migrating a little early, and maybe a tiny bit of coral spawning.

The Ribbon Reefs: Chains of Barrier Reefs located in shallower waters. These reefs are the ones that are most vulnerable to climate change, and many have already started showing signs of coral bleaching and death. Our trip takes us to the ones not as affected, but the Ribbon Reefs are definitely a gorgeous ecosystem living on borrowed time unless conversation efforts are successful.

More Adventures Down Under are Coming Soon

I’ll be sharing a few more details of our trip itinerary over the coming days, including some adrenaline pumping adventures white water rafting, rainforest trekking, and hiking through waterfalls several thousand feet above sea level. In the meantime, feel free to check out my tumblr blog if you’d like to feel connected. I’ve queued up some gorgeous pics & naughty free audios for you to enjoy while I’m away.


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