Sissy dress up details for Ms. AndiI have a bone to pick. First of all I want to say I adore feminizing men from all walks of life. I enjoy Panty Boys, Sissies and Cross dressers a like; but like I said, I have a bone to pick. A pet peeve that really irks me. I figured this is the best way to address it because this happens on the majority of calls.

Dressing up for me

When someone is really happy to talk with me and takes the time to dress up for me– this turns me on. I am very excited to know that you are dressed up. So, when I am told– I am wearing panties for you. I am pleased to hear it but then I ask you what kind of panties and the person replies. Pink panties. That makes me happy but don’t you want to thrill your princess?

I want you to thrill me

Paint a picture. Be more descriptive. Did you know there are over 20 shades of pink? And, at least 5 different cuts of panties? Never mind factoring in the fabric. πŸ™‚ The sexiness is in the details. This is my job to be descriptive and it’s okay if you are feeling awkward and shy about sharing what you are wearing but try to resist that and paint that sexy picture. I would much rather hear, “Princess I am wearing cotton candy pink satin full back panties” than I am just wearing panties.

Sissy dress up details

Trust me, the more details I hear about how sexy your outfit is, the better our time together will be. So, brag away or better yet, get on cam for me so I can actually see what sissy clothes you are wearing. Whatever your comfort zone is. Take the time to learn about the clothes that you like to wear. It is okay to be obsessed with fashion. It is a girl thing.

Princess Andi

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