Have you had  fun with Pass the Penis game with the Enchantrix’s of LDW? If you are an excellent stroker pet, humiliation junkie, sissy slut or just like to sample several ladies’ “styles”, or like to challenge yourself then our Pass The Penis game is for you!

Pass The Penis

Pass The Penis Between Us

Pass The  Penis Sissy

If you are a sissy in training with me, a pass the penis game with three or Mistresses concentrating on one task may do the trick to really bring home those lessons! Two minute introduction and the Mistress can begin! Cock sucking, as an example. “Mistress, I need to learn how to suck cock, teach me!” You can then sample two, three or even four different Mistresses’ “quick lesson”.  Now doesn’t that sound sexy?

Humiliated Pass The Penis

Humiliation junkie?  What a fantastic way to spend thirty or forty minutes by feeling the bite of several tongues? “Mistress, I’m worthless let me tell you why”  then listen to her laugh as you recount the numerous ways you just don’t measure up. Perhaps ten minutes of being the foot stool, or doormat of a beautiful woman? It would be an honor, wouldn’t it? Why honestly it’s the only way you will ever get to spend that kind of time with a woman so far out of your league. Isn’t it, loser boi?


Edging Penis Passing

Edging, of course, is what many might think of when thinking pass the penis. Each sexy voice telling you how , when and where to stroke that hot cock! I could imagine how hard it is for you not to orgasm before that last sexy lady! Know I edge you hard, and fast during our session. Then send you on your way to the next lady with an assignment and typically a sexy and fun

Pass The Penis

Pass Your Penis Between Us

“introduction” for you to say to the next sexy Mistress. “Hi Mistress, I’m a stroker slut,  may I stroke this cock for your pleasure today Mistress?”

So, regardless of your kink or fetish play let’s get you set up with a pass the penis game today! Our lovely dispatchers will get you set up for a mind blowing, multi Mistress call you won’t soon forget!

Listen to the audio, for a bit of a taste of each one of the genres I mentioned! Until we chat, stay horny!

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Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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