Share your fantasies with Ms. DaphneWe are complex human beings. We can be sensitive and kind, yet our fantasies can border on the bizarre (some think they are bizarre, probably not me!).

So where does Fetishizing come into a non-racist, non-sexist, non-ist’s-of-any-kinds’ fantasies? Does it mean you are, deep down, a mean, cruel, hateful person?


We can have dichotomous sides of our personalities.

We can be respectful of people’s differences, while also wanting to incorporate them in our play. (This is a discussion occurring on the Net in a huge way, if you want to see other people’s thoughts on the topic. Note: they are not always kind!)

BBC? A submissive Asian woman? A transwoman? Sucking cock? Desiring a certain color of hair? Eyes? Skin? Language?

It’s ALL awesome.

It’s time to ditch the shame and enjoy our (sometimes) twisted parts we might not share with many others. I am sure you already know you can share with me!

Listen to Ms. Daphne and read her post here.

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