Don’t you love to be locked up tight?

It can be very comforting to be locked up tight for your Mistress. I won’t deny that, and neither should you. In fact, this is one of the most overlooked aspects of chastity play. When you’re locked in chastity, you know that you are exactly where you should be. You can’t get in trouble for what you do with your dick, because it’s locked up and you can’t do anything at all with it! You’re safe, locked away, put where you belong, and safe and secure in the knowledge that your Mistress has you.

There are so many interesting things going on in chastity games.

Despite the tendency to focus on the overt and most obvious facets of chastity, I often find it’s the hidden angles that bring the deepest level of play to bear. It’s about control, obviously. Control over your cock and balls, and the deep denial of the ability to even get hard, much less stroke or cum. To have the control stripped away on such a fundamental level through a device locked on by your Mistress is the pinnacle of total power exchange games. When you’re locked up tight, you’re totally powerless.

The lack of power and self determination in chastity is freeing, in a way.

Keep up with me here! How much of every day do you spend thinking about your dick? How many times do you find yourself obligated to stop and take care of the needs of that bit of flesh? How much pure energy, time, and attention are you spending on a daily basis to see to the needs of your most obstinant member? Wouldn’t it be nice to find yourself liberated from those constant demands? To set down the need to remind yourself not to get hard when a beautiful woman walks past, to go find a quiet spot to jerk off, to endlessly adjust yourself… If you were locked up tight for your Mistress, you’d have so much extra free time and energy to devote to far more productive ends!

You should give chastity a try.

I’m certain you really will love to be locked up tight for your Mistress.


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