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This coming Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 11 pm EST, you are invited to tour the Empire with Delia and Harper!!!

No, not the Enchantrix Empire forums and social network. Although, that’s also super cool and you should be a member. I’m talking about the Empire on the Virtual World! For the past year or so the Empire has been merrily chugging away, providing amazing high quality BDSM and fetish interactions via digital 3D avatars, animations, and set pieces. Well, now the Empire has revamped and revitalized the entire sim, and is bringing you more of the same, only more awesome. And so, we’re throwing the doors open and giving you the chance to tour the Empire!

tour the Empire 800 539 4566

Tune in to Whore School on Cock Radio for the voice component of the tour.

I’m Harper, and I’m the host of Whore School. I got pulled into the digital world because I did a show about Gorean BDSM, which is thriving online, and then I was curious as the proverbial cat. From there, it’s a short trip to joining in, and then having a lot of fun, and pretty soon I was ready to spread the word. So, I teamed up with Delia, and we hatched a plan. I’ll handle the play by play, while Delia is going to provide a streaming video Tour the Empire ~experience~.

There’s two ways you can see the tour:

You can watch the streaming experience that Delia will be providing via Or, you can go ahead and join us and take the tour from within the sim! Create a free account, download the viewer (it’ll let you see the naughty bits), and then drop us a line, either in world or by email. We’ll bring you over and help you along the merry path to virtual debauchery. Either via the streaming feed or directly in world, join in for your chance to tour the Empire and see all the hidden fun and games.

Listen to Ms. Harper tell you more about the Whore School second life virtual world special event on March 11, 2018.

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