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A friend of mine used to be a stripper back in college, and she told me a neat little trick for getting really smooth and hairless.

What’s the trick to attaining super sleek and smooth skin, without a trace of body hair? A special product called Magic Shaving Powder! You can find it in most big box stores and beauty supply stores, too. It comes in a canister, and is a fine white powder in several formulations, from Sensitive to Extra Strength. You’re going to want to start with the mildest formula first, and then work your way up if those prove inadequate. Do not start with Extra Strength! Since you’e going to be using this on your genitals and ass, proper technique is important. So, let’s get going on using Magic Shaving Powder for smooth balls and ass.

Here’s how to use Magic Shaving Powder, step by step:

magic shaving powder for smooth balls 800 356 6169First, you’re going to need a bowl, a butter knife or teaspoon, some gloves, and privacy. You’ll want to do most of this in the nude, as it’s easier to take your clothes off before you slather yourself in what is basically lye. Make sure to take up any rugs or to put down a sacrifice towel for drips, because this product, if you make a mess, will ruin what it lands on. Use a teaspoon full at a time, maybe two, but the more you mix up, the worse any accidents get just due to volume. Put on your gloves, and mix up your paste; you’re going to put your powder into the bowl, then add water a bit at a time as you stir until it forms a spreadable paste. From there, simply apply the paste to where you want literally no hair, and wait the prescribed time on the packaging. I’m not kidding, you’re not gonna want to put it on and leave it for longer than the instructions tell you to.

The waiting is boring, I know, but it’s important! You have to let the Magic Shaving Powder do it’s work! If you want smooth and hairless balls, and a hairless ass, follow the directions. Once you’ve waited the proper length of time, jump in the shower. Now you’re gonna use either the BACK of the butter knife, or the edge of the teaspoon, to scrape your hair away from your skin. Feel free to have some paper towels to put your fur coat on, so that you don’t clog your drain. Once you’re reasonably hairless, shower. DO NOT USE SOAP as it will interact with the Magic Shaving Powder and give you a chemical burn….on your taint. Continue to use your chosen implement to scrape away the residue and any remaining hair. It will pull away like, well, Magic! Pretty soon you’ll have mastered the use of Magic Shaving Powder for smooth balls and ass.

Wait to shower with soap until well after you’re very certain that you’ve removed every last trace of the powder, just to be safe.

Magic Shaving Powder works on faces, armpits, chest, groins, asses, legs, and everywhere else you have hair you’d like to remove. Wear gloves, unless you want hairless knuckles, and don’t get it on your scalp. Hair removed with Magic Shaving Powder tends to grow back thinner, and can take a while to come back. But, you won’t get shave bumps, no ingrown hairs, no itching, and it’s relatively fast. Also painless, unless you pull a dumb and give yourself a chemical burn. Don’t give yourself a chemical burn, ok?


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