Many ways to experience orgasm denial

Listen to my voice read you this post about orgasm denial and chastity.

I like to learn and I love learning from you. I often share these insights on my blog Experienced Mistress. Just when I think I know something, someone comes along and gives a different perspective. That’s fun and very sexy! I write a fair amount about being in chastity. I also make no secret that I am a Mistress who loves tease and denial. Each time I write a post about being locked in a chastity cage, a loyal blog commenter, teasetoy, will point out that there is a different view on tease and denial.

I asked about his views on cock control and teasing

Here’s part of what he said:

“People talk about being in a chastity device as being the ultimate as far as giving up control of your cock, but in a world where multiple women exist that just isn’t the case.

“You see, a denied cock, free from any physical restraint, is vulnerable to ANY woman that may want to take advantage of it! And when that cock is kept in a heightened state of frustrated arousal, the male is only too aware of the power any attractive woman has over his own body.

“Just the sight of, say, a long, stocking clad leg, the jiggle of a full pair of breasts, a tight pair of jeans/leggings stretched over a curvy ass, or the unmistakable click of stilettos are a hard floor, etc, there are in-numerous things which will cause the start of that oh so familiar swelling, between his legs.

“The key thing here is, he’s not in control of that swelling, SHE is! Although she might not be aware of it just yet. But without the physical restraint of a chastity belt, there will soon be a very noticeable bulge in his pants. His body is involuntarily betraying his innermost thoughts and desires directly to her!”

He is right, a sexy woman is always in control

Awwww, you’re squirming right now, aren’t you? ~laughs~ I love this so much! What do YOU do when you have that bulge that betrays your arousal?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia


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