Happy Anniversary

The Celebration Begins

As you may know, I’m in online college working towards my degree in business management. I’m not planning on leaving you! I just want to finish something I started years ago when I was young and well behaved. One of the classes I’m taking is teaching us about spreadsheets- plus I already knew a good bit already. So using that knowledge, I’ve come up with the way I’m celebrating my ten year anniversary here with you!

How It’s Going to Work

Remember I was brainstorming ideas earlier this month? Well, it sounds like many of you enjoy what we all enjoy- something FREE! Based on that, I’m going to be offering you this opportunity:

  • Each time you purchase 15 minutes, you will get an extra 5 minutes free to use in August.
  • Each time you purchase 20 minutes, you will get 10 minutes free to use in August.
  • Each time you purchase 30 minutes, you will get 15 minutes free to use in August.
  • Each time you purchase 60 minutes or more, you will get 20 minutes free to use in August.

Presents for All of Us!

Where does the spreadsheet come in? Well, I will keep track of all the calls you place with me in July not only to tally your August free minutes but also to give you one last present from me! The caller who does the most OVERALL minutes with me during my anniversary month will get a 15-minute custom erotic audio, tailor made just for you!

Your collaboration will be a big part of making it the perfect audio for you. If you want to write a script or an outline, I can work with that also. It’s all about thanking you, my callers, for an amazing time here at LDW.I’s been an incredilbly amazing time spent hearing your naughty thoughts and secrets, and I couldn’t have been more blessed to be here!

Also, remember I said the traditional ten year anniversary gift is aluminum, but if you check my wishlist there is NO aluminum foil on it! If any of you send some to me you will be denied and chastised until it’s gone- and that could be ages!! I’m looking forward to hearing from my regular callers, making some new friends, and hopefully hearing from some of you that I haven’t heard from in a while!

Are you ready to get this party started? See you on July 1st!

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