Crossdressers and trans girls in the virtual world

Listen to me talk about seeing your real self as femme in the virtual world.

I’m passionate about issues around gender and sexuality. While this issue is certainly part of your erotic experience, this is about LIFE for many femme girls. Who do you talk with and get transgender support? While our sessions are called phone sex, many people think of our interactions as life and sex therapy.

Using the virtual world

You probably don’t want to change your gender (and your life) in the real world. That’s a huge step and you might not need to do this. You can be your femme self in the virtual world! Send me an email about getting set up — my email is:

Dressing, shopping and being femme

When you look female you are treated as female. In the virtual world, your avatar is female and looks the way you see yourself. I asked someone recently about what it’s like to SEE yourself as your female self.

Here’s what neelia said:

“Balanced. In my FL (first life — as in day to day living), it is hard for me to violate society’s stereotype I have lived in for so long. Over time, I usually feel 80% masculine, 20% feminine. When I do cross dressing sessions with Mistress the numbers inverted. During the time I spend in (the virtual world) I get to counter my norm and go to about 95% feminine. Neelia is a submissive lesbian.”

Are you ready to explore your feminity?

We have a post about how to join us on our blog: Virtual World Phone Sex. Let me know how I can help and support you.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

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