2 Mistress fun on your call

Listen to me talk to you about how to double your sexy Femdom fun!

Have you ever done a 2 Mistress call? Here’s everything you need to know to experience this extra level of sexy fun for your erotic roleplay! Start with some quick tips about how to talk with a Femdom. You can see that Ms Delia and I have been playing together in real life and on the phone for years. Here’s a peek into our private Mistress life.

Send an email before your call

We encourage you to reach out before your call. Of course, if you already know us, then just call and we’ll chat for a bit before the scene starts. We want to make sure your experience is sexy, wicked and fun.

“Ms Olivia set up a two Mistress call with Ms Delia in a roleplay scenario which was truly EPIC! Through email exchange pre-call they took the time to learn about me and the initial story setup, and then they planned a story plot in secret. During the call, they ran with the story for me in exciting and unexpected ways that left me feeling deliciously humiliated and dominated!”

Choose 2 ladies that work well together

I love to do sessions with my sexy friends. Feel free to ask me which ladies I love to play with. I don’t recommend just adding another lady to our session unless you talk with me first. Like most communities, each of us will have preferences about who will be the best match.

Hear how we sound together

Ms Delia and I have an adult podcast called, The Weekly Hot Spot. Even if you’re not interested in adding another lady on your call, you really should listen to the podcast — it’s sexy and HOT! 🙂

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Visit Ms. Olivia’s Blog: www.experiencedmistress.com/

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