Cuckold Fantasy

Cuckold fantasy calls are one of my favorites. Sometimes they are not fantasies, but a real story being narrated to me by a caller. Who else would he tell of this taboo? Certainly not his family or even his best friend. I love the variations. This is how I know he is really experiencing it. It’s my job to make it come alive even more.

Lately, a submissive cuckold husband calls me to prepare him for the bull. His hot wife is out of town on business and she orders him to call me so I can drain his balls. The goal is three times, either with me, or afterwards using his cuckold porn, or another session with me later. The reason is the bull has no interest in the cumming of the cuckold, in fact, bull wants no contact whatsoever except his hands gripping the cuckold’s ears. Controlling his head is all the bull wants. His ass is easy. Plowing as he calls it, humiliating the cuckold.

Host for the Bull

When I get the call, he tells me he needs to prepare to drain his balls. The bull wants him malleable, not horny. It makes sense. If cuck is spent, he won’t be thinking of his little loser dick. His only use is to be the host for the bull. He hates when his wife is out of town because he doesn’t have the pleasure of the cream pie and the voyeurism. He doesn’t smell the intense aroma of sweat and sperm. He is only a cum receptacle for the bull. Not a word is spoken except “come on, get to work slut, suck my cock good and after that I will fuck your sissy bitch ass.”

So mean, but it comes with the territory of being a cuckold to a hot wife and a big black bull.

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