The capacity for pervs to deceive themselves is quite enormous. For example, if you’re permanently locked in a male chastity device, do you honestly think you can still have an orgasm?

Think about it…of course, you can! It might take some work but it is doable.

Anal Play: Backdoor Pleasures

Along with self-deception, I know submissive men enjoy bottoming to women. After all, this is what they do best and are most competent in. So I want you to enjoy the shame you work so hard and diligently to create for yourselves. I want you to start experimenting with anal sex. I realize you’ve convinced yourself you cannot, but I am here to tell you any stigma of being humiliated in this way will only heighten your erotic senses.

Now discard your male pride and bend over to show me how much you want this strap-on dildo to penetrate you. I want you to allow me to introduce to you the pleasures your prostate can provide you with.

You will soon learn your anus is actually a sex organ and with time and practice strap-on pleasure will be yours. So I want to hear from you…I want to hear you beg me to use my strap-on. After all, you are my bitch, aren’t you.


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