Hi, cock control fans! A huge topic around these parts is Guided Masturbation. Some think it’s hot to spend some time with a sexy woman, like myself and have her give you instructions on how to masturbate. well, they are not wrong! It is hot. But what you don’t realize is just by having some fun with self love, there are some things you can learn with a Mistress you can’t learn on your own! Let’s take a look.

Masturbation Guidance

What is masturbation guidance? Well, for those new to the idea of cock control and masturbation guidance, it’s a simple concept. You call and I tell you how and when to masturbate. Doesn’t seem too difficult, right? Well, for many it is! You are giving up control over what you are doing! Sometimes it’s fun, hot and erotic! Other times you may be a bit confused as to the WHY. As to why she’s telling you to stroke in such a fashion. Why is she telling me to softly stroke with my fingers, for example. This is where you begin to focus on the moment, trust your Mistress, submit and obey! These are not easy things for a typical male to do , but with enough practice it will benefit you in many ways

Masturbation Endurance

If you are like most men, you’ve tried to tease and delay that orgasm. Perhaps you’ve “edged” for a few hours. Think you’ve “got this” but when you try to stay long and hard for that lady you want to impress, something happens and your alone time stamina goes right out the window. So much so you fear your new nickname might be minuteman! There are a couple possible reasons for this and I have solutions. Read on.
Guided Masturbation

Stimulation Simulation

First- Variables. When you are with a partner you cannot control the variables. How sexy she’s going look in that dress. How hot and wet those lips are when they whisper to you. The sight of her undulating ass under that skirt, mm mmm mm. You See sexual stimulation with a partner is quite different. It’s why you have to incorporate it in your self play. Those sexy variables your mind can’t predict. Just like you can’t tickle yourself, like someone else can. You can’t get that kind of stimulation without another. Second – Accountability. I’ve talked with many who reference edging “all day”. But with a few well placed questions I find what they are doing is something different. You think you are “edging” when in fact you are probably just masturbating at a very low arousal scale for an extended period of time. Edging is getting to the edge of orgasm. Just before the point of no return. You see, a Mistress knows how to train that cock. Knows how to test what you consider an “edge”. Teach you what it means to edge. Then, she pushes those boundaries. Monitoring your biological directive, ensuring it doesn’t override the goals. Once you teach your body to stop, and stave off orgasm until I say is something you just can’t do alone. It’s also something which will benefit you sexually in the bedroom, time and time again. So, are you intrigued? Check out some of my blogs on guided masturbation at Intelligent Phone Fantasy Until We Chat ? Mistress Erika  

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