Are you into a good spy role play?

Boy do I have something fun in mind for you, if you’re a fan of spy games. I’d like to invite you to participate in Enchantrix Empire’s first class for the ESA! The ESA is the Enchantrix Spy Academy, and we’re aiming to roll out the best possible erotic spies and agents in the world. If you think you have what it takes to play the spy role play game to the hilt, read on!

Your mission, agent…

The very first mission any agent will need to take on is to create an email that you will use for the duration of your Spy Training, and subsequent Spy Missions. You will use this email to report back to your Mistress after each successful training mission, as well as to debrief after your training is done and you’ve moved on to real missions. Your interest in serving your Mistress through ongoing rigorous training in all the erotic skills needed by an ESA agent does you credit, but can you truly bring your A game to the spy role play? Can you avoid breaking cover, drawing attention to yourself, or getting captured by one of our rivals?!

The spy role play games have a lot of different facets to explore!

If you’re more interested in training for covert infiltration, or have the heart of a sissy slut spy, the coerced cross-dressing and coerced bi training track will interest you deeply. If you’d like the excitement of real world assignments, a wide array of training and covert missions await you; if you’re more interested in having your fun discretely, the Virtual World offers amazing opportunities for sexy spy role play games! Infiltrate one of the sex clubs online, covertly, and report back on how many of the sissy sluts sucking alpha cock in the orgy rooms are actually men in disguise, or join them to get hands on experience seducing men and draining their cocks. No matter where you want to go with your spy role play, we’ll accommodate you. Missions are available via email, erotic audio, or within phone sessions.


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