Guess who just made their 5 year milestone with LDW? That’s right, me! To celebrate, I have an excellent promo for you in the month of February and you do NOT want to miss it!
The best thing about my promo is that you get rewarded for having a session, and by ‘rewarded’, I mean FREE MINUTES! Now, how can you say NO to ‘FREE’? It’s super easy to participate and we’ll be having a fun call while you earn it. Keep reading to get all the info!

Free Minutes Promo Details

Here’s how it works!

Every Tuesday and Thursday in February, any telephone calls and text sessions you make to me by 12 PM Midnight PST will earn a free call for the month of March!

If you make a 20 minute call, you will earn 10 free minutes.

If you make a 40 minute call, you will earn 15 free minutes.

If you make a 60 minute call, you will earn 20 free minutes.

One free chunk of minutes per caller, which means only one call in February counts towards the promo. Your longest call will be the one we count.
Free minutes must be used in March.

Don’t Miss This Part

Pretty great, huh? You only have to remember to do ONE thing, and it couldn’t be easier. You ready? You have to mention the promo to the Dispatcher. That’s it. You just have to say ‘I’m participating in Amber’s Anniversary Promo’ or something to that effect. That way they know to keep track of the minutes and automatically transfer the free minutes you earn to March.

If you are choosing to use a texting session instead of a call, you will need to buy time with the Dispatcher instead of our texting site so they know you’re participating. Again, tell them you are.

And once you’re connected to your favorite redheaded cock tease, you’ll be earning a sweet reward for March! It’s my anniversary, and YOU’RE getting the gift! But I’m totally cool with that because it’s YOU that’s made my last 5 years with LDW so fun! Can’t wait to play with you….come claim your minutes!

Here’s a sexy audio that I made special just for you!

Click to Listen to Ms. Amber


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For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.75 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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