Bon Appetit!

The excitement has built up to this moment. As you are in front of your camera carefully stroking your cock to my instructions the urge to cum growing stronger. Both us knowing that your orgasm won’t be the main event tonight. Even I see your eyes staring at the plate that’s just waiting for your load.

I start to playfully tease you about what is to come next, knowing the thought of eating your cum will push you over that edge. You can’t hold back.

Just as planned you jizz onto the plate “Go ahead” I encourage you sweetly. Lifting the plate to your mouth, you start to lap up all your cum like the hungry cum eater you are for my amusement.

Ohh, Tasty!

I know as you lick up that last bit of that salty creamy treat you believe that your appetite for cum is satiated. You got every last drop, why would you want more? We both know you will always want some more. It will only be a matter of time before you are cumming into a shot glass and downing it once more.

Face the facts once a cum eater, always a cum eater that will never change. The thought of cumming and not getting to taste just seems wasteful now. Just remember to not eat alone!

I’m perfect company for a naughty cum eater like you. I can be your dinner date whenever that craving kicks in, my only request is to let me watch!

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