You’re invited to my virtual anniversary party!

That’s right, I’m hosting a virtual anniversary party at the Enchantrix Empire Sim in the Virtual World for my one year anniversary online! I’ve been playing around and fucking around in the virtual world for one year, and on my virtual birthday I’m hosting a huge party. Join me on Sunday February 10th, from 12 noon until 8 pm Eastern time for a rocking good time. There will be door prizes and dancing and music, so be there or be left out!

If you’re new to the virtual world, don’t worry!

Virtual Anniversary Party 800 539 4566You’ll need to sign up now, and make sure to get through the starter newbie zone first, so that you can reach the adult dirty part of the virtual world. You can’t just sign up and go directly to the fun stuff, you HAVE to do the starter zone tutorials. It’s for the best, it helps you not walk into walls! Save the walking into walls for the Virtual Anniversary Party, where you can pass it off as being tipsy on virtual champagne.

I’ve really enjoyed the year I’ve spent in the virtual!

I got started in the virtual world because I got curious, and then I was just hooked. You can be whoever you want to be, online. It’s perfection for sissies, because you can be the sexy slut of your dreams, or the bimbo with big tits, or the elegant woman you really are inside. If you want to be used and abused for being a useless waste of space, you can do that, too! There’s tons of public humiliation games, and sissy games, and places we can go check out together to get you the epic gang bang of your dreams! On Sunday the 10th, dress in your sissy best, with the wildest and most outrageously gorgeous outfit you can find, and shake your sweet ass at the Virtual Anniversary Party!


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