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I think the main reason is that licking up your own cum is taboo and represents so many naughty things to you. For example, does this cum eating fantasy describe what is going through your — ahem — head (yeah that pun is intended). Sent from someone on my Mistress Tumblr:

“Thoughts on cum eating…While i have never done it i love the idea of the total humiliation. A Superior Woman making me jack off for Her amusement & erotic entertainment! The look in Her eyes as i squirt my load for Her! How would She proceed? Would She make me llck my cum off Her feet? So many humiliating possibilities! Would She reward me by letting me kiss Her ass while She masturbates in my face? And makes me rock hard again? Oh, how i crave such a Woman!”

Fantasy versus reality and eating cum

Do you need some CEI cum eating instructions to — really get you worked up and ready to slurp it all up? You’re not alone — many people call a Mistress to be coached to eat cum:

“If I’m jacking myself I would prefer encouragement that the eating or swallowing is really the climax.”

Cum and go syndrome

In the heat of the moment, many of you figure you’d be willing to do it and will say so. Then after the orgasm, the situation changes about 180 degrees in about five seconds flat and you chicken out. Either way is okay — and if you want help to ENSURE that you live out your sexual fantasy you know what to do, get in touch with this Experienced Mistress.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia



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