If you’ve been following along with all the drama and excitement of the 2019 Sissy Pageant, then you already know we had our Award Show.

But, if you’ve been living under a rock lately, allow me to catch you up! On April 20, 2019 we had a live Sissy Pageant Awards show on Cock Radio, to both showcase our Best Sissy Voice entries and to announce each and every winner and runner up in all categories! If you missed it, you missed a fun evening, but you can still catch up on demand and hear all the giggles and applause.

Listen to “2019 Sissy Pageant Awards Show” on Spreaker.

All of our sissies deserve to be acknowledged and praised!

It takes a lot of guts to dress up, snap a pic, and submit it in a pageant! So to all our contestants, Go You!!! I’m so very incredibly proud of you all. You brought your A games, and strutted your sweet asses for us, and it was GLORIOUS. I can’t even. Each category was voted on by the Mistresses of the Enchantrix Empire, and we picked a Sissy Pageant Winner and Runner Up. You can listen to the podcast for the winners, or read about them on the Empire. Speaking of, the Enchantrix Empire is our bespoke social network. It’s a closed system that anyone can join. Create a new gmail address, use that to log in with, and you can be as safely anonymous as you feel like! Add a VPN to your set up and you’re golden. All the sissy fun (and cock sucking fun, and anal play fun, and and and) that your perverted heart desires. And, you’ll already be all signed up so next year, participating in the Sissy Pageant will be super easy! You could be in the next set of Sissy Pageant Winners, featured on the Sissy Pageant Awards Show!

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