I’m looking for a hot cock that’s ready for some gooning masturbation fun! Hi there, Mistress Erika of Intelligent phone fantasy talking with you today about gooning. If you have a penis, I’m sure you are aware of the gooning phenomenon. Regardless if you are aware or not, my question today is are you ready to experience it? And if you have experienced gooning, are you ready to take it to the next level! You know it only gets better, more intense when Mistress wields her deliciously erotic and wicked ways.

Gooning Masturbation Training

You’re naughty, goon for me!

Gooning Masturbation

So, you are familiar with masturbation, the art of self love. I would imagine for many masturbation goes something like; stimulate to orgasm and move on with your day. Sometimes it’s because of logistics, and other time responsibilities. Work , chores, events so many things that prevent the time to spend to create that gooning effect. Gooning masturbation involves extended periods of arousal and stimulation and NO orgasm. The delicious effect extended tease and delay on a males brain is thrilling! Once in that state all kinds of kinky things can be suggested and ACTED upon!

Gooning Training

You only live once and if you haven’t tried gooning masturbation, you should! LDW/Enchantrix has a great one-on-one Cock Control Training program we can utilize for you training. Daily interaction on your personal forum, with your gooning assignments and your follow up. The forum can be public so everyone knows and can participate in your delicious torment. For those a bit more reserved, the forum can be private.

Your choice of a session, 30 60 or even 90 minutes is included with your tuition! We can break up that time and start the week off with a great tease and delay, with my sultry tones and creative cock tease getting you started for your gooning week. I’ll push you hard and require a lot from you! I expect your daily assignments to be fulfilled with little complaint. You have given me control of that cock and orgasm! Then, we can finish our week with that *BANG*.

Your Cock Needs Control

Are you ready for that natural sexual high? A high so delicious you might beg me NOT to cum? Check out some of my Cock Control posts, send me an email and let’s have some fun with my sexy control and your naughty cock!

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Control Training Mistress Erika

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