Your Submission Pleases Mistress and today we are going to find a fun way you can do so! You see, many of you come to me wanting to know how you can please me. Simply: Your Submission pleases me. In a variety of ways and stages of submission, you submit and please me.

Some of you present the gift of your submission through cock control, humiliation and even Feminization. What you bring to the table is fabulous and I enjoy engaging with you in that kinky play! But now, my pets it’s your turn to play how I want you to play!

I’m here to roll out something fun for August For my birthday! Not only will I welcome your warm wishes, and various tokens of your appreciation, you are Going to Entertain Me in the manner that I wish!

Your Submission with Creative Mind

Your Submission Pleases Mistress

Submission Pleases Mistress

I simply adore a creative and intelligent pet. Your submission,this time, comes with a chance to earn a big reward. You have the opportunity to show off your creative side and have a chance to win 15 Free Minutes with me, when you purchase 10 minutes!

Think about it: a total of 25 minutes of fun with me for the price of 10 !

Your free minutes can be used on any session with Me between September 1,2019 – September 31,2019.
Sessions include: cam, sexy texting, voice over skype, and phone calls.

Your Submission Pleases Mistress

So you want to please Mistress? There are many ways, of course. But today it’s through your prose and creativity. Just another way your submission pleases Mistress!

I’ve written a parody of a popular song. I chose to use the word cock, because well, I like ’em. A. Lot. You can use the version below, verbatim if you are a sissy gurl, cock slut, and even those humiliation sluts and cuckolds you are included! . Record yourself saying / singing them and submit it to me!

For those who wish not to sing to the joys of cock, you can alter them to your liking. Just remember I give extra points for being unique and creative!


Listen to the audio below to hear what pleases me and to hear this parody.

I like big cocks, itty bitty cocks
Dripping wet cocks, tied and denied cocks
I like the pretty cocks with the bow tie
Get your lube on, let it slip and slide

I like bald cocks, I like a hairy cock
I don’t discriminate, come and get a taste

Fun isn’t it? I think so. If you want to enter check out all the details at Intelligent Phone Fantasy You can also check out other ways your submission pleases Mistress, while checking me out! Win WIN!

Until We Chat,
Mistress Erika


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