I know that you’re a dirty little cum eater, and you love to lick it up.

How do I know this about you? Because it’s so damn obvious! I mean, just look at you. You’re already starting to fucking salivate over the idea, aren’t you? You would love to kneel in front of me and jerk off while I watch, then make your mess on a nice clean plate and lean over and show me exactly what sort of a dirty little cum eating slut you really are. You don’t hide your perverted desires very well at all. It’s all over your face (metaphorically), so your denial is just so much wasted hot air and justification.

Admit to yourself at least, exactly what sort of a dirty slut you can be.

You need to accept your place in life: as my adorably slutty cum eating whore. This is what you’re for, what you love, and what you need. Even if you think you’d hate licking up your own jizz, you still need to submit and lap up your nasty mess for me. You’re my submissive, my slut, and this is how you prove it, to me and to yourself. If you were a good submissive, you’d agree to anything that I wished for, any little whim that I might mention in passing you should leap to provide. So this? This service I need from you? You’re going to accept it and submit and lick up your mess.

All good submissives need to be cum eating sluts.

My perspective is that if you make a mess, you should clean it up. No matter what sort of mess it is! Basic responsibility for yourself and the effects you have on the world as you move through it require that you be willing to clean up after yourself. This includes, obviously, your orgasmic messes. Every time you cum, you should lap up every drip, drop, smear, and speck. Even if you manage to jizz all over the fucking floor, you should get down there and clean up after yourself. Drip on the sheets? Lick it up. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to love it.





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