Wondering what it’s like to be the third gurl on a two Mistress call? Want to know why we Mistresses love two Mistress calls and think you will to? Keep reading!

Why Two Mistress Calls are so Exciting

Many of our callers tell us that they’re never more turned on and excited than when two hot Mistresses are laughing at them. Whether you’re looking for Sissy girlie talk on a two Mistress call or would rather have us laugh and humiliate you, it’s always a fun time.

Two Mistress Extreme Humiliation

Some of my extreme humiliation callers love it when I ignore them and gossip about them with another Mistress. Small dick? Cuckolded by your girlfriend? In need of Extreme Humiliation? Most likely you’re a combination of all three. Nothing is more extremely humiliating than a two Mistress call where you are called out on your pathetic ways and punished in front of others.

Why We Love Two Mistress Calls

One of the only times that LDW Mistresses get to chat is during a two Mistress call. We’re all too busy teasing, transforming and humiliating our girl bitch callers to get to indulge in much girl talk. It’s too bad because it’s always such a pleasure to spend time with another wicked Mistress! The only thing more fun than catching up with another Mistress is having a third gurl on the line to giggle at and humiliate.

How to Set up a Two Mistress Call

If you have two particular Mistresses in mind and they happen to be available, then you’re in luck! All you need to do is make the request via Dispatch. But if your chosen Mistresses are not available, feel free to email each Mistress and ask to coordinate a time that would work with both of them. Dispatch can also help you contact your two choices in the event that they are both on calls.

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