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Greetings, Daily Cock readers!


Many of you have a secret exhibitionist within. Some of you are aroused by the idea of being watched. For others, the soft humiliation of such a vulnerable position adds to the enjoyment of your session. Mistress may have even been encouraging you to appear on cam for Her for the above reasons, or because it makes it easier for Her to see that you are complying with what ever instructions She gives.


You’d love to, but one thing stands in your way: concerns about personal security and privacy.


A submissive recently asked Me how he could be as certain as possible that his identity and privacy would be respected and protected in a Skype session. He seemed reassured by the suggestions I gave. It occurred to Me that others may share his concerns, and may be likewise edified and comforted by My suggestions, so I decided to reproduce them here.


Robust Network Security Helps!


With regard to privacy, I can’t take responsibility for the impenetrability (or lack thereof) of Skype software or of your own computer network, but I suppose you know about antivirus software. That’s clearly a first step. Something that scans what ever programs you are downloading to your computer for malware, viruses, etc, as well as the system as a whole, is a great help.
My antivirus software even comes with a VPN, which scrambles My ip address and makes it Mistress Rachel is a Femdomme Voyeur! 1-800-356-6169less likely that someone with the advanced capabilities to decode it would be successful in doing so.
Next, I’d like to assure you that it is in Our best interests at LDW, as well as important to My own personal ethics, not to collect, seek out, or share any personal information about a client. Some clients will share biographical facts about themselves, but I am not interested in any identifying information.


Beyond that, what some submissive playmates of Mine do:

So, you’ve got good antivirus, and you trust the ethics of both the Mistress you intend to play with, and LDW as a whole. We’ve covered the technological. What about the practical?

  • Consider a throw-away E-mail address with which to set up a Skype account, rather than one you use for your vanilla life. You can accomplish this while providing very little or no real information.
  • Orient your webcam so that you only appear from the neck down (depending on the kinks you’d like to explore, this may or may not be effective).
  • Wear some type of mask

There may be other technical steps you can take to assure your security online, but for those you’ll have to consult someone more computer literate than I am. Our Help Desk may have further suggestions for specific queries, so always feel free to give Molly and Cassidy a try!

I hope this post has offered a bit of reassurance and encouragement to those of you who have been intrigued by the idea of performing on cam for your Mistress, but had the types of misgivings cataloged above. Feel free to connect with Me anytime you like for a Skype session once you’ve arranged circumstances safely for yourself!


Miss Rachel, Femdomme Voyeur


P.S.: If you’d like some tips about how to put on a good webcam show for Me, security concerns aside, feel free to visit My personal blog and enjoy this post I wrote on that very topic!



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