Have you ever been locked long term?

While chastity can be a lot of fun for a weekend fling, can you imagine the effect that being locked long term will have on your psyche? The ache in your balls first intensifying, then subsiding, and then, randomly flaring again, only to eventually, finally, fade away to nothing. The knowledge that your cock has been rendered tame, subdued by a chastity device, trapped behind steel or hardened plastic, and made irrelevant to your sex life. Do you think you’d still even think of yourself in the same way?

I love the idea of long term chastity.

For long term chastity you’d need to be locked up for a lot longer than just a week or two. I’m talking months on end here. Of course, you could be released every few days to clean the cage, after all hygiene is important. But stroking, edging, stimulation at all would have to be kept to a minimum. Nothing can make your resolve crumble like letting your cock get fully hard after a long spell of chastity. So of course, we’d need to avoid all of that. No stimulation while your chastity device is being cleaned at all! In fact, you should get two identical devices, and wear one while the other is deep cleaned. Problem solved! Hygiene and long term chastity at the same time!

I’d love to oversee your foray into long term chastity.

Ms. Harper 1 800 356 6169 Locked Long Term

Let me lock your cock up for a test run! Try it for a week, and then I’ll dare you to go for two weeks. Then three weeks, and then a month is right there, you can make it, I know you can! Pretty soon we’re measuring your locked in chastity stint in terms of multiple months. Can you imagine hitting six months? I can. For your six month locked long term chastity anniversary I’ll let you watch while I fuck one of my lovers. You can even lick my pussy and eat me out afterward. Isn’t that a nice reward for you? Don’t you wish you could have already been locked in chastity, so you can already be close to the anniversary? Let me lock you up now, so we can get on the way to that six month mark.


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