There are a lot of things in life and society that have become needlessly gendered, and, sadly, skin care routines have fallen prey to this trend. While some people recognize that everyone has a face, and therefore everyone should wash and moisturize themselves, it’s truly shocking how many people who identify as and were socialized as male just, well, don’t! Even adorable little sissies fall prey to this blind spot, so I’m here to bring the joy of a sissy skin care routine to the masses. If you wash your face and care for your skin, you’re a step ahead of a lot of folks! If you don’t have a skin care routine, buckle up because you’re about to get one.

Can you believe that people think washing your face is automatically feminine?

Sissy Mistress Harper 800 601 7259 has a skin care routineI did an informal poll of a wide subsection of men in my life, both privately and clients, to find out what sort of skin care routine was most common. Turns out that for a lot of men, their skin care routine is something like this: in the shower, take the same soap you wash your balls with, and wash your face. If you, like me, reacted by recoiling in horror, congrats, you probably know that a routine like that is absolutely horrible for your face! When I followed up my question about their routine with “but, why?!” most men chuckled a bit and told me that they didn’t want to be “too feminine.”

Taking care of your skin is not a gendered activity, but if it makes you feel better about washing up, it can be.

Sissies, I want you to throw off the chains of masculinity and embrace washing your damn dirty faces. Darlings, you, too, can be girly and femme, and have a clean face that’s also (gasp) smooth and soft! No more leather-like face for you, get rid of those wrinkles, sun damage, ancient blackheads, and step forward with a soft, clean, happy face! Go full feminine and use a facial soap that’s not too harsh, and then follow that up with a moisturizer formulated for the thinner and more sensitive skin of your face! You can even choose products in appealingly feminine shades of pink, scented like flowers!

If you want to be a little bit sissy, but not too sissy, don’t worry!

Skin care products come in unscented, too! There are even bars of facial soap that aren’t pink, and don’t come in packages proclaiming themselves to be for women only. You can grab yourself a nice, basic face bar (I have a favorite, and I put it on my wish list to make it easy to find!), along with a plain unscented facial moisturizer. I like a bar of face soap because it lasts forever, the packaging is sustainable, and it’s really easy to only use exactly as much soap as you need, instead of pumping out a liquid soap and getting too much (wasteful, ugh.) Even if you have to leave your bar of facial soap laying out next to your sink where anyone could see it, it isn’t obviously a feminine product, so you won’t feel ashamed to let anyone else see it.

Sold on the need for a sissy skin care routine?

Here’s your steps! First, splash some water on your face. I like a nice middle of the road temperature, not hot, not cold, just right. Grab your bar of facial soap (not body soap, not a “pure” soap, just facial soap. The other kinds of soap are too harsh and will dry out your skin, which leads to zits.), work up a lather on your hands, and then rub on your face. Don’t get it in your eyes, try to keep it out of your mouth because it doesn’t taste good, but get all around your nose, between your eyes, your eyebrows, brow, cheeks, chin, around your mouth, and if you’re adventurous, hit the neck and around your ears, too. Rinse with water, all splashy and fun! Dry your face, and then go for the moisturizer.

For your moisturizing needs, do NOT use the same lotion you use when you masturbate. Don’t use a body lotion on your face. The skin on your face is thin, sensitive, and has different pore size, oil production, and texture. Use a facial moisturizer that’s meant for your face. And a little dab will work wonders: you do not need to goop it on! A tiny dot on your chin, nose, forehead, and both cheeks, then pat with your fingertips to spread the moisturizer onto your face. A little goes a long way; too much will also lead to break outs and a greasy complexion.

Depending on how obviously sissy, feminized, and womanly you want your skin care to be, you can tailor your routine!

From gender neutral products that just get the job done, to fully feminine products aimed at the woman who isn’t afraid to smell like roses, face skin care products run the gamut. Start with the basics and expand from there, because everyone needs a clean and happy face, even really masculine men with alpha tendencies. (But c’mon, a little splash of a floral scented pore minimizer won’t hurt you!) Embrace the skin care routine, no matter where you are on the sissy spectrum! For the love of little green tomatoes, please wash your face!

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