Guided Masturbation in 2020 just got a bit more fun with our new Phone Sex Assignment Store! What a fantastic year this is going to be and I’m kicking it off with a value you won’t want to miss. Want to know more about the ways we can have fun with your cock in 2020? It starts with Guided Masturbation.

Phone Sex Guided Masturbation

Have you called an adult chatline before? Perhaps you’ve called for a little guided masturbation instructions and had such a great time you started checking out “this hot lady” and found the words Cock Control. Now you are curious about more?

Or are you a total virgin to guided masturbation, have you ever called before? Regardless of how you came upon the interest of guided masturbation and cock control this is a great way to break your cherry! Now you can ramp your masturbation and let a Mistress tell you how to stroke!

I know some you are curious about guided masturbation and cock control I’ve gotten texts from some of you, still too shy to call or session. That’s OK. Sometimes it takes gathering that courage! This calendar chocked full of naughty play and will get you so lathered up, I’m betting you call me for more!

Okay Erika, I’m Interested Tell Me More

Each day I give you some naughty ways to masturbate, or not. Because this calendar is geared to introduce you to a bit of cock control as well, you will have a day(s) of no touching! Some days just masturbating without orgasm. Other days , well let’s just say they will be memorable. Can’t give it away, now can I? (laughs)

Everyday your assignment is particularly geared to introducing you to a bit of cock control. We work on your stamina, teach you about control. Of course reward you with explosive orgasms! Also,every cock control regime has to include ruined orgasms! I walk you through that as well!

Oh wait, do you know what a ruined orgasm is , or edging? Not only will you know at the end of this month what both of those are, you’ll be very adept at doing both!

Guided Masturbation

Guided Masturbation and introduction to cock control

Guided Masturbation Makes You a Better Lover

Did you know that guided masturbation, and cock control can make you a better lover? It can and It does! With this offer I give you a taste on how to get in touch with your body’s arousal, how to control it and keep it going for as long as SHE needs you to!

For some, the calendar is just what you need. Others might need some more training. You can use the calendar alone or in conjunction with phone , Sexy Texting and skype sessions!

Peppered with encouragement, and an accompanying instruction sheet this January I’m going to have that cock so hot n horny, experiencing explosive orgasms you’ll be hooked on giving up control of that cock!

Order your sexy guided masturbation instructions calendar, specially priced for any budget, then check out my blog and read up on our sexy subjects!

Until We Chat 💋
Cock Control Mistress Erika


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