Phone Sex Assignments: A weekly cuckold assignment package from Ms. Audrey and Ms. Hunter.

Ms. Audrey & Ms. Hunter

Ms. Audrey and Ms. Hunter’s Weekly Cuckold Assignment Package is here! Are you an under-performing male with a micro penis? Do hot girls leave you again and again? Do you dream of being feminizing into a simpering sissy cuckold? My panty wearing callers sometimes enjoy more than girlie talk and like to discuss the humiliating details of being a true cuckold. Keep reading to find out why you will love our weekly Cuckold Assignments!

Cuckold Humiliation

Have you ever wondered why cuckolding and humiliation go hand in hand? One reason is that cuckolding is a way to indulge in one’s secret submissive side and enjoy the humiliation of being helpless in the face of a true alpha male who can completely satisfy your woman in a way that you never have and never will. Even if you’re in a cuckold relationship, it’s like you can never have enough. That’s where our Weekly Cuckold Assignment Package comes in, to keep you excited and inspired!

Small Penis Humiliation Can Lead to Bigger Things

At first, it may be enough for you to know that you’re not going to lose your hot and beautiful girlfriend (or wife) because she’s unfulfilled by your small penis. Now that she’s having regular good/hopefully monumental sex with a stud, you crave even more cuckolding. Our weekly Cuckold Assignments will keep you in the cuck zone.

Why You Need Super Cuck Assignments

No matter what kind of cuckold humiliation scenario you’re craving, humiliation in all it’s forms is my speciality. I’ve teamed up with Mistress Hunter to bring all you cuck boys a super Cuckold Assignment Package that also includes a special Cuck audio by Ms. Hunter! Our Cuckold Package contains a month full of naughty cuckold goodness that will help you along your cuck journey no matter where you are.


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