Introducing Ms. Daphne’s Sissy-in-TrainingIntroducing Ms. Daphne's Sissy in Training - Enchantrix Daphne (800)356-6169

This is Mistress Daphne, and I have taken on a new student for sissy training. Over the next year, follow along as I take her from a man to a Sissy. Her name is Marica (which means sissy and fag in Spanish) and I am very excited to be starting a new project.

This post introduces her, but search “Sissy-in-Training” throughout the year to find posts about Marica and her transformation.

Be sure to comment and share your thoughts if you feel I am missing anything. I trust you girls implicitly!

See you in the blog!

Mistress Daphne of

Enchantrix Daphne has a sissy in training! (800)356-6196

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