Ebony Erotic Meditation

Duchess Willow controls your mind with a new erotic meditation trance assignment. 1-800-601-6975

Everything has a beginning, including erotic meditation. If you’re new to trance and its many facets, surely you’d wonder where to start. You start with the ebony femdom guided meditation assignment, on phone sex assignments.

Erotic Meditation for Beginners

The key to erotic meditation being effective, is first relaxing your mind to let the programming in. I have my views on erotic meditation and trancing willing subjects. Of course I like to go deeper than simply meditation… but you must crawl for Duchess Willow, before you can walk. If you go now to phone sex assignments, you will find my new assignment there, which includes written and audio instructions, and a guided meditation audio to get you started.

Beyond Erotic Meditation

Of course you know where this is going, and that I am simply nudging you in the direction of mind control. However, we all know that mind control is fictional. I cannot actually trance or control anyone’s mind, now can I? I only want to help you relax, which will make your submission to me, easier in the long run. And it is going to be very easy, because I’m very good at controlling weak minded individuals, who don’t even know I’m already inside their heads. But enough about that. I would like you to purchase the ebony erotic meditation trance audio and assignment. Then you’re going to call me, at 1-800-601-6975 and connect with the black mistress who controls your mind with her voice. You’re already dialing now, just ask for Duchess Willow, and be on your knees when you do.

Duchess Willow

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