Mistress at Home: SimoneWhat’s Your Favorite Mistress Like When She’s Not on the Phone?

Hobbies: I love the abstract, and the unusual. I also love watching the creation of such things. I do abstract paintings in pastel, pencil, and acrylic in my spare time. I also love watching others create anything interesting on youtube. I am also an amateur chef. I love to cook. My favorite dishes to make are gumbo and white wine shrimp tilapia with a cream butter wine sauce. I also love listening to audible.

Marriage: One legal and one non legal husband. I believe as long you are safe, spice is the thing that makes life interesting. It’s possible to love more than one person romantically and be faithful to them. I am proof of this for the last decade. If you need help with a relationship involving more than two people, then talk to me. Of course it’s not easy, but nothing great is easy. But, it is fantastic if everyone is honest and communicates OFTEN.

My favorite authors: Anne Bishop, Peter Hearne, Terry Goodkind, older Dean Koontz, Patricia Briggs. Basically, anything vampire, werewolf, druid, or just gothic romance like Dannika Dark. I have a library of books so obviously I’m not listing a lot, but most are fantasy or supernatural.

Favorite magician: Criss Angel

Favorite shows right now: Zumbo, Making the Cut, and Magicians. (Last Season Ever playing currently BOO!)

Favorite Movies: Anything with Jason Statham (YUM!!) or the Rock or Vin Diesel. I love fast and furious and action movies. They take my mind off the world’s issues. I love discussing movies and I’ve seen many of them.

Other loves: I love food competition shows like Master Chef, and Zumbo. I also absolutely adore any type of runway competition show such as the new “Making the Cut.” and “Project runway” in all of it’s iterations. I watch superhero shows like “Flash” and anything Marvel, but I am getting a little burned out on them lately. Maybe I just need someone to pull me back into it…. 🙂

Spirituality: Technically I suppose I’m a witch. Am I a Satanic witch? Am I a witch of light or darkness? Well…., yes and no. I want the best for those I interact with and love. I want the best for Americans and our allies. I want the best for Texans cause that’s my home state. The intent is the heart of the witch, and I love making talismans drawings. I love all the forms of art, runes, and tarot when attempting to change myself and my world. Lately, I’ve been getting into digital art as a means for finding my inner peace. My whole philosophy is if it works use it. Go to your own personal joy, and do what you can to spread it. Other than that, I have that same believe system of spreading joy to the spirits we cannot see. (This is where I might lose you…) I actually believe in the supernatural things such as fairies, gods, goddesses, angels, demons etc. I’m just not frightened of them. I enjoy meditation and taking myself into different realms of existence I do path walking or walking the tree of life. I question everything, including the tree of death and the very existence of everything previously thought to be true.. Life is learning, and my magical life will remain to be a delightfully intricate web.

Trance: I have a hypnotic voice that can put you into a trance. I can do this for fun by taking you into a delightful journey into your own mind. Or, I can speak directly to your subconscious and tell you to “Go to your (fill in the blank, peace, joy, ect.) I can’t say I can do this for everyone because some people have blocks against my magicks. But, I will say that I can do this for most people. I love helping people and helping them find magick in their life and in themselves.

As far as music, I love a little of everything. Good music is good music, and a lot of it comes from the 70’s. But, get in my car, and you are likely to hear rap music from the latest radio station playing loud However, at home lately, I’ve been rediscovering heavy metal. It’s completely new to me. So, listening to bands like Jinjer, and Motionless in White is completely new for me.

Personality wise: I love to listen but be patient with me as I have a mild case of ADHD, so I flutter about a little like a butterfly occasionally.. Speaking of butterflies, I feel I have a soul of an artist, a dreamer and a butterfly. There is beauty in the bluebonnets of Texas and a beautiful painting. There are joyful things everywhere if one maintains the artistic eye to see it.

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