What Interests Willow When She’s not Dominating You on the Phone?

I want to change your mind. I want to show you a different perspective, and show you why so many of you are disconnected from what is happening around you. In order for me to do that, you have to let me in. I have a completely different experience from most, and I believe that diversity and awareness are needed, as this world shifts into a new decade. Outside of adult work, there are many things that interest me, what I want for you, is to get to know the woman behind The Duchess. This is going to be lengthy, because I want you to know who you’re talking to.

What Interests Willow When She's not Dominating You on the Phone?

Tarot Cards and Daoism

I just bought the herbcrafter’s tarot book and deck, and I am a practicing spiritual healer, when I’m not busy wearing my Ebony Femdom hat. I am a daoist and a firm believer, that everything we do in life, has a cause and effect. That the energy you radiate, affects everything around you. If you’re unaware, daoism is not a religion. But back to tarot, I do believe there is energy in everything, including and not limited to, card readings. We can discuss my spiritual beliefs, a bit later. I wanted to share my story, of why I chose the path of being a phone and adult entertainer, and what that means for you.

Why I Chose My Path

Being a sex worker was a no brainer for me, but there is much more to it. I chose my line of work, not only to be able to work from home, but because I want to help people, and because I believe that my craft is a needed and therapeutic one, for many people who cannot discuss issue that affect them, with friends and loved ones. You go to a professional for mental health services, my line of work is no different. I also have an opportunity to educate people, and if you read my blog, you know that I am very passionate about issues that concern black women. It’s a subject that makes some people uncomfortable, however all learning, comes with growing pains. I chose my path because I want to share my story, I want to teach, and I want to heal, both myself and lead others to their own healing.


I am available for a multitude of things, including companionship. Think of it as a more vanilla girlfriend experience. What type of things do you do with a girlfriend? Eat meals together, binge watch shows, have a movie night, go to a museum, cuddle. While there are physical limitations to what type of companionship I can offer, the virtual world offers much more, and virtual dating is a thing. You pick the movie, and the time. We can do karaoke, play an online game together, listen to music and go dancing.. virtually. I’m also open to online gaming suggestions, and if you have a favorite game or sport, maybe there is something you can teach me. I love to cook, and I’d be happy to have a cooking date with you, as well. And sometimes you just want someone to talk to, to vent, or lend an ear. And most importantly, we can have fun together.

Spiritual Advisor

I don’t walk around shouting credentials, and my intelligence is not bound by a piece of paper. What I offer spiritually is dependent on the individual, and what they need. I have a tendency to “read” people’s energy in a way that is sometimes ineffable. If you seek a more spiritual discussion, all I ask is that you enter in with an open mind and a willingness to learn and improve. You cannot help someone who is not ready to take those steps. Warning: I am very blunt, I know that many people say one thing and do another, and if you are not ready to hear the truth, you may wish to take care asking me for advice. My “advise” can be as simple as a tarot reading, and as in depth as a guided meditation to assist releasing energy that does not serve you. I can teach you how to clear your energetic space, I ask that you take it seriously. My intuitiveness can sometimes be off-putting, so be careful what you put out into the universe.

Introverts and Social Distancing

The world is changing, however social distancing is nothing new to me. I am most at peace in my solitude, and will only allow people into my space who respect and nurture that solitude. If you ever wanted to learn how to have strong boundaries, ask an introvert. What I mean by that, is ask me how I keep my peace and balance. The answer is a lot more simple than you may be aware. What I offer in the non sexual realm will also help you with your kinks.

Aura Color Readings

Colors play a big part in our energy. Some can change over time, others have a much more static hue, getting darker or lighter depending on mood. If you want an aura color reading, and to find out what your color means, you can learn a lot about yourself. Just let me know and I’ll do the rest.

Life Coaching

There are things that really need to be taught in school, sadly, the education system falls short on teaching people basic human decency. If you want me to get you together, here’s some of the topics I enjoy schooling people on:

Toxic masculinity


Emotional Labor

Why Reverse Racism Doesn’t Exist (and why people need to really read the definition of that word and learn the history)

Racism (in general)

Black Feminism

Learning how to improve your listening skills

Forms of harmful and toxic behavior


Thought and Intention

Ecclectic and Diverse

I do not necessarily know where my interests would fit the average person, whatever the case, the best way to find out, is to speak with me. I like talking to people and getting to know your perspectives as well. Meet me in the middle. Change can only happen if both parties have a willingness to learn.

How to Connect with Me

You can call in for some one on one time with The Duchess, at 1-800-601-6975 by asking for Willow. For texting we can chat on skype: EnchantrixWillow or Discord via our Enchantrix Empire server. If you have questions for me, you can email Willow@EnchantrixEmpire.com for all inquiries on doing a session. Alternatively, you can chat with me live, by clicking here.



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