Ms. Cassandra is Your June Mistress of the Month.Mistress Cassandra

I am honored to be nominated as Mistress of the Month for June. THANK YOU! I believe in gratitude for every day mindset, and I am grateful for the boys who adore me and appreciate a complete Femdom.

Once upon a time I did lifestyle Mistress-ing in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I moved to Northern Arizona and discovered the lifestyle was pretty dried up here. Now and again I get my fill of live kink by traveling here and there for Femdom fun. I also, as you know work on the phone doing hot phone domination, sissy training, and other forms of training.

I am known as the Mistress with the memory of an elephant. I have worked for this company for a long time and never forget a voice or a kink. I have been asked if I keep notes. Mostly I do not, unless the fantasy and role play is very detailed. Often the details are the most important. Boys may come and go, but they mostly find their way back to me for my strict training, and sometimes not so strict at all. I am getting to that.

There’s More to Mistress than a Strict Style

Often a caller says he is afraid to call me. Hahaha. I do laugh at that because, once upon a time, I was over the top strict and ruthless. Since I am more flexible these days, I have branched into sensual domination if requested. Sweet, condescending humiliation is also fun for me. I will never yell as it could ruin my sexy voice. I am confident and have no need to prove myself as beyond bitch. My brand is strict, sensuous, and even playful.

Now for my mysterious persona. I am pretty down to earth, with well-worn hiking boots, frequenting red rock trails in Arizona. I can do fourteen miles on a good day and then come home to a relaxing hour in the bubble bath. I have a BA in Fine Arts and Humanities and create mixed media with found materials from junk stores, paint, hardware stores and thrift stores. I like to do it big and make a splash.

All kinds of sessions interest me except for Miss Cassandra in a submissive role. I’m known as The Chastity Mistress, but not exclusively. Training a boy to be a chastity slave with cock control best describes me. A Governess administering corporal disciple is a favorite especially with electro-play involved. Sissy training is where I shine. Being around a feminized male is most relaxing and rewarding, bringing him into a world of feminine wonder. The biggie? Femdom and FLR. This is me in latex and leather. Owning, demanding, and training a male to the order in which he should be. Me on top!

Thanks again for voting me in as Mistress of the Month for June. I have a few things planned for you so subscribe to my blog to keep up with the up close and personal news. Talk to me about anything. Art, Literature, my real time Femdom play, and subjects of confession.


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