Advantages of Distance Domination
And how to make it work for you.

Advantages of Distance Domination. especially with current events regarding health and safety, limited In-Person Session Options, meeting YOUR evolving needs, I feel that discussing the Advantages Of Distance Domination has never been more relevant and necessary as they are now.

Advantages of Distance Domination
What is Distance Domination

Distance Domination is essentially a Long Distance Relationship and Sessions Administered by a Dominatrix to her Submissives and/or Clients.

Those sessions can be via phone, skype, correspondence, and just like in any long distance relationship, it has its obvious challenges.

Although submissives would love the face to face interaction (who wouldn’t !!!)

In my VAST experience with both In Person Sessions and Distance Domination, the connection can be JUST as deep when a Mistress and Her submissive never physically meet each other.

The proverb “absence makes the heart grow fonder” describes the feeling of greater affection between friends and lovers who are kept apart. It is a phrase that, in one form or another, can be traced back for millennia—the Roman poet Sextus is credited with the earliest version of the phrase.

Advantages of Distance Domination
Without Further Ado

How Advantageous is Distance Domination?

Oh Let Me Count The Ways.

Distance Domination with Mistress Alina

1) Discretion Above All

We all know that many sides of our private lives, will, by definition, need to remain private and personal.
Often times, we may not be fully understood even *or especially* by our friends, family and spouses.

There can be multiple reasons for this, and honestly, if you have a kink or a fetish or a love of play in an area where it’s consensual, arousing and healing, you ARE entitled to your own private pleasures. Hence the great success of the adult entertainment industry, sex workers and distance phone/skype erotic entertainers.

The need to play on your own terms and be protected and discreet is your absolute right and in MANY times extremely important for your sanity, health and well-being.
With everything that is going on in the world, the need for escapism, joy, release and just unapologetic, undulated fun is crucial and vital.

With Distance Domination, as long as you use a superior service like LDW here, your discretion, safety, personal information and privacy protection, as well as your payment information ARE A 100% SAFE AND SECURE,

2) The Ultimate Convenience

As we all know, travel and face to face sessions have all been brought to a grinding halt in March 2020.

As difficult as it may be to face, the world has changed and adjusting to the “New Normal” may take months, even years.

Even as restrictions lift, slowly, there are many considerations that will still hinder a face to face session with your regular or favorite In Person Lifestyle Dominatrix.
Hence there are going to be added difficulties in traveling to meet your mistress and have an in person session. Your Lifestyle Mistress herself might very well decide do transition her business into Distance Domination Only.

However, thanks to technology finding an experience Phone Domme is possible. Of course you will have to speak to a few until you’ve found the right one for you, but I assure you, the connection you will have with ME as YOUR Phone Domme, is going to be the most profound, deep, meaningful and engaging, even life altering, experience you will cherish forever. RIGHT FROM THE CONVENIENCE OF YOUR OWN HOME!!!

3) You Might Even Feel Much More At Ease

Those new restrictions and limitations will require the ability to evolve on both sides of the equation, Domme and Submissive relationships and my own Domination Practice has ALWAYS been at the center of my life.

I’ve honed my skills diligently and continuously, creating perfect domination AND kink exploration sessions for clients of every background, age and tastes.

Dedication, commitment, FULL TIME availability to my clients is and always will be MY LIFE CALLING. I Invest everything I am and everything I have in providing my clients with top notch individualized and ever evolving experience.

This is MORE SO where we cannot meet face to face, I go ALL out to create a real time, deep, evolved and involved, complex and Intuitive Distance Domination Session.

Just as this review indicates:
“Mistress Alina was wonderful. She listened to me and took me exactly where I needed to go based on my responses. She made me feel wonderful and brought out the real me. It was as if she knew me better than I know myself.” Read More Reviews HERE

And MANY of my clients have a MUCH easier time opening up to me on the phone via Distance Domination, because they are right there at their home turf, in a safe place to TRULY OPEN UP and build a long lasting , trusting, complex and delicious relationship with me.


These are uncertain times. And we are all trying to be more frugal and cautious with our spending, but DAMMIT we all still have needs.

As for myself, and you all of course know, I have a dizzying array of kink, fetish role play, full spectrum dom capabilities, I’m also HORNY AS FUCK, like 99.9 % of the time.

I’m beyond ecstatic to have round a place like this, where I can be involve in sexual exploration, entertainment adult erotic interaction, which I actually get paid for.

And this brings me back to the Cost Advantage Of Distance Domination – it’s a FRACTION of the price of a face to face session, AND, I do ALL I CAN to give my clients some serious money saving perks, like my ongoing skype free minute special. *which you can hear me on, just like a regular call*


Distance Domination sessions bookings has a lot more flexibility and frequency should you need it.

Since both parties are in there own homes, (Or hotels, Or Office, Or rooftop or the Bat Cave) having a session, a follow up, a chat or maintenance sessions are MUCH less hassle.

As for myself, currently this is ALL I do. Copywriting and Research is my side gig but being a Mistress on LDW is the main center of my entire existence, so you KNOW I WILL be there for you as often as you need me too.

I take GREAT pride in what I do here, this is why my Domme sessions go very deeply and most profoundly uniquely, focusing on INDIVIDUAL and EVOLVING erotic needs.

I’ve created a Domination Experience that is tailored maid to every client personal journey
“Intuitive Fingerprint Domination” combines many facets of kink/fetish/D/s interests, do not only develop the PERFECT session interphase, but to EVOLVE as we go along, to keep things fresh, exciting and fulfilling.

I AM HER FOR YOU in between sessions, so you don’t feel alone or abandoned at any time.

5) Goddess Worship – Literally

When you worship a celestial entity, you KNOW they are THERE but, of course you never actually physically in contact with them. Does this diminish your faith and devotion?


When you worship and are devoted, your faith, your adherence to many rules, rituals, behaviors and way of life is practiced without the need of the Divine Almighty to be in a room with you.

And since MANY submissives treat a mistress like a GODDESS think of Distance Domination in the exact same way you worship faithfully.

You never need a physical presence of your Goddess and Mistress to show devotion, obedience, worship, and servitude.

QUITE the opposite, in fact is absolutely the case.
A Divine Mistress is UNTOUCHABLE to you in any way, yet Omniscient, Ubiquitous and All Knowing.

6) Mystery Is Alluring, Yet Distance Domination Teaches You Many Valuable Life Lessons

You learn to REALLY listen to one another, and you get to know your Mistress AND yourself much better and on a deeper level.

You learn patience and devotion to every word with laser sharp accuracy because, at least In My Practice, I hyper focus on every word you say, I communicate with you in every way I can before and after a session, and we build an entire UNIVERSE that is unique and very specific to the path you’ve chosen.

Plenty of time to reflect and prepare are great, but on the spot and totally spontaneous sessions keep our interactions fresh, fun, unexpected.

Remember, we are creating something that IS one of a kind, and we don’t have to worry that our adult play will interfere, infringe or ever become a liability.

7) Chastity and Distance Domination cock control and
Remote Key holder solutions

So one of the main components of cock control, chastity lock up and other Mistress Dominance Devices that make the submissive physically beholden to a Key Holder, is one of the main questions and challenges of Distance Domination

Well, brace yourselves, There is an App For that.

Many submissives absolutely LIVE for lock up, and Now, they can submit themselves properly via a system that allows your Distance Domination Mistress the ultimate control and Key Holder Options

I give you The ChronoVault.

The ChronoVault is a powerful Male Management tool, allowing a variety of training goals to be pursued with confidence and achieved faster than you ever thought possible.

To learn all about the device and what it offers click here:
The ChronoVault

So there you have it, my pets.

Distance Domination is ALL the fun and ZERO the risk

Try distance domination from your erotic phone sex Mistress, Alina.

Advantages of Distance Domination –Wanna Switch? Change of Pace? New Kink To Try? NO PROBLEM.

As we explore our erotic path and progress in our journey together, I found in many instances that some clients have multiple fantasies they need to explore.

Some are even unknown to themselves, but as we look deeper, open up to one another, in any area of our erotic exploration, when you play long distance you are pretty much LIMITLESS in what you can try and five into.

I pride myself on my extensive flexibility to explore every side of erotica, sexual diversity in kinks, fetishes, partners and situations, so I am VERY open to switch for you and even teach YOU how to be a Dominant if you wish to do so.

I will happily explore many role plays together, because I WANT TO HAVE FUN and Oh, I’m insatiable.

I hope you will connect with me soon, and I assure you, that whatever your erotic journey takes you, I will be happy to join you on your quest for bliss, satisfaction, stress release and utter transcendence.

We need to find peace and rejuvenate in any way we can, so this is the perfect time to explore all the Advantages Of Distance Domination, and beyond.


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