Did you know there’s a new podcast on Cock Radio, called Sexy Story Time with Mistress Hunter?

Sexy Story Time is a weekly podcast featuring me reading a different erotic story each week.  The podcast will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Cock Radio every Friday for your listening pleasure.


Like an Audio Book, only Sexier!

Some Sexy Story Time episodes will feature a short, single erotic story and others may feature a longer erotic story with a new chapter each week.  The best part is that you can listen to them by streaming Sexy Story Time on your phone or computer or you can download them and listen to them offline, as well.

The topics will vary from feminization to CFNM to humiliation and everything in between. Some stories will be a little more explicit than others but all will be kinky, sexy, and erotic!

Is there a kinky topic that interests more than others?  Reply to this post or send Hunter an email and let her know what topics you’d like to hear her read stories about. Or, better yet- write your own erotic story and send it to her to read.  It can be super short or super long. if it’s too short for a whole episode, she’ll just read another story with the same topic after yours; if it is too long for one episode, she’ll split it up between multiple podcast episodes.

No matter what the topic, listening to her sexy voice reading the erotic stories is much more exciting than anything she’s actually read about, right?!  She’s been told- by more than one- that she could read a phone book or owner’s manual and make it sexy and exciting to listen to!

Sexy Story Time with Mistress Hunter on CockRadio.com

Your Erotic Story Featured on Sexy Story Time

If you have a custom erotic story (or erotic stories) you’d like her to read, please send them via email (hunter @enchantrixempire.com) with Sexy Story Time in the subject line.  These can be stories you write and submit or even if you have a favorite story on Literotica, send the link and she just might read it on Sexy Story Time!

Even if you don’t have a story to submit, reply to this post with the type of erotic stories you would enjoy hearing so she can keep that in mind as she searching for erotic, sexy stories to share.

Until next time~

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