Am I a Closet Gay Cuckold
Closet Gay Cuckold Guide

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In this post, we will explore a question I get asked very often by my clients and callers.

Mistress Alina, Am I A Closet Gay Cuckold?

This post which is another installment in my Cuckold Series, will help you shed a light on this very question and see how to interphase solutions and plans for your particular situation.

Now, let’s dive in !

Closet Gay Cuckold Guide
Be Honest with Yourself First

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not so fast, cuckold cowboy. This may be very well a desire so deeply hidden and buried under years of conditioning and self denial, your TRUE self is something you do your best to avoid or downright erase.

A losing battle, to be sure, and this very well may be the MAIN reason you’ve chosen to explore the Cuckold lifestyle.

Closet Gay Cuckold Guide

Am I A Closet Gay Cuckold is a loaded question indeed, especially if you are in a marriage or a relationship with a female.

This very dilemma in a marriage or a relationship will need to be addressed, And most importantly discussed, the right way, with the right guide, preferably, a Mistress Like Myself, who specializes in couples who live the cuckold lifestyle.

I teach one thing above all – you absolutely, positively MUST be very honest with yourself and lose your fear or shame of exploration,

Sexuality is COMPLICATED! So, if you feel that in the heat of cuckold exploration, or when you watch cuckold porn, DO YOU FEEL THE OVERWHELMING desire to be feminized and submissive to a Domineering Alpha Male, that will treat you like a cute girly sex toy, and fuck you just as he fucks your own wife?

Closet Gay Cuckold Guide
Ask and You Shall Receive

In my Domination practice, both in person and though distance domination, my Cuckold lifestyle couples embark on a sexual adventure, not knowing where it might lead.

In the spirit of exploration, under intense experience, self actualization and scrutiny sometimes collide.

I do believe a great number of men who are married are bisexual and are afraid to come out and express their need to expend their sexual menu with a wife in toe, so turning into the cuckold lifestyle sometimes provides a sagway into bisexuality experimentation, and the spotlight is on the wife’s pleasure, so the husband, you, may explore your secret desires.

So you must ask yourself first and foremost. Is there more to your cuckold lifestyle than meets the eye? Yes, it’s a complex, intense, seductive kink to play, but secretly, do YOU want to be the one, with a big huge cock in your mouth, wearing some hot panties, being girly and overtaken by a big strong Alpha Male?

The Cuckold Lifestyle Gateway
Exploring Your True Self

Living the Cuckold lifestyle with your wife or girlfriend, opens the door to a lot of hidden desires. For both your partner and yourself.

If you find yourself time and time again looking upon this throbbing Alpha Cock penetrating your wife newly stretched and gaping pussy, and feeling an unquenchable desire to take her place, to feel that monster cock pushing itself into YOUR tight hole, well, It’s time to skip out of the closet, grab the lube, and open up.

As with all my couple clients, I ask a whole slew of preliminary questions, and no couple is the same, nor any tow situation circumstances are alike.

Yes, some similarities exist and or common denominators but the main truth is, and something I ALWAYS press upon my clients is that you can NEVER fully predict what such open and intense sexual exploration will take you and how it will evolve and effect yourself, your sexuality, your needs, and your life in general.

It’s an ever evolving exploration and it’s easy to get lost in passion and how intense and overwhelming at times, this journey may end up being. And, almost always, it’s NEVER what you’ve expected it to be.

Closet Gay Cuckold Guide
Options & Where to Go from Here

So you realize that indeed you are a closet gay cuckold.
You can’t stop thinking about being with a man, sucking cock, being the female or the sub or the bottom, and that desire fills all that you are.

Whether you’ve had previous experience with bisexuality or not, this is your core identity and you cannot suppress this burning need any longer. Your cuckold play with your wife has really opened the flood gates, and, in my experience, it is absolutely impossible to close them, or deny yourself the sexual fulfilment you so profoundly crave.

So what are your options from here?

Simply, there are two directions you may choose to go in.

One. you confess to your wife, all that you are feeling, needing and craving, and see if your wife is open to continue the marriage, or relationship, especially if both of you have been together for a long time.

She might already know and have suspected that you are very different from other men, and if you’ve both explored the cuckold lifestyle together, well, she has seen the deep hunger you’ve exhibited towards the Alpha Bull and that has gone far beyond the “Cuckold Fluffer” game.

If you are unfamiliar with the finer Points of being a Cuckold fluffer you can refresh yourself by taking a look at my CUCKOLD FLUFFER GUIDE

Clearly, you absolutely need and owe it to yourself to be happy and sexually fulfilled, but reality sometimes does not allow us to be fully transparent. There may be many things at stake if you come out of the closet and declare yourself fully gay.

Understandably this is a situation that, as a Mistress, I encounter VERY often and have worked with at length before.
I understand your newly found dilemma and CAN help you though this, navigating and intephasing solutions, and, if your situation evolves and changes, we can deal with all of it as this progresses.

Your second option, seems to be most favored by many a gay closet cuckolds I’ve worked with and am working with currently.

Once the couple in question has experienced cuckolding and the cuckolded party realizes his attraction and need, they also realize that they MUST keep this newly found awakening secret and discreet.

The “fully participatory cuckold lifestyle” continues with both you and your female partner, servicing the Alpha Male and getting immersed and involved in most, if not all, sessions.

However, since you cannot tell your wife or girlfriend that you really crave only cock, the great part about cuckold is that usually the wife is so preoccupied and focused on the Alpha Male, and especially if a Mistress like myself is part of their journey, We can set up separate sessions where you can fully explore all your cock cravings, without your wife involved at all.

Closet Gay Cuckold Guide
Discreet Exploration of Your New Path

Each couple is different and each couple evolution in alternative life style branches out as they experience this change in dynamics.

A Cuckold lifestyle is intense, complex, highly erotic and so multidimensional, that sometimes even the most experienced loving couple can get hopelessly lost and overwhelmed by their changing needs.

Even more so, if you find yourself at a point of no return, because you feel that your entire reality has been some sort of façade.

This is very understandable and quite normal.
And.. you are NOT alone.
I assure you, many of my clients find themselves in similar situation.

Lucky for YOU, Mistress Alina Sky Has Your Back!

With my vast experience in navigating your new path of exploration, with or without your wife or girlfriend, so that you can make sense of your new needs and desires.

We can even Role Play an entire scenario building a cuckold relationship where you are MY closet gay cuckold, with humiliation overtones, with coerced bi, endless Alpha Male and Female Led Relationship play, THE VARIATIONS ARE ENDLESS!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide, and if you feel this blog posts describes your situation, PLEASE feel free to have a chat, and see what we can come up with together!

Looking Forward to Our Collaborative Play!



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