Adjusting to the Cuckold Lifestyle by Ms. AlinaAdjusting to a Cuckold Lifestyle:
Initial introduction

Adjusting To A Cuckold Lifestyle is a Journey, with many unknown twists and turns.

In my Domination Practice, Both as a Lifestyle Mistress and In Distance Domination, I’ve helped a staggering number of Husbands to adjust to their new Cuckold Lifestyle.

So, I am only too happy to help YOU on your adjustment journey.

Each couple is unique, and each cuckold husband will adjust differently, as many don’t know where it will lead them. and WILL discover MANY things about THEMSELVES and how to full explore their new role.

Adjusting To A Cuckold Lifestyle can be much smoother than you think, with the help of a knowledgeable Mistress, a Cuckold Specialist, Such as myself, and many of the wives become my long term clients as well. I just LOVE it!!!

So, how did YOUR cuckold lifestyle begin?

You and your wife have spoken about engaging in cuckold play and maybe have done so in the past.
Maybe at this point, you’ve both decided that it’s not going to be a one time adventure, no, it’s actually a lot more exciting that you initially thought, right?

Your wife now realized that she wants to switch up your marriage, start a Cuckold Lifestyle relationship, and your marriage is never going to be the same, so let’s dive into the ways you will need to adjust and become the best cuckold husband you can be!


Adjusting to a Cuckold Lifestyle: Why are You a Cuckold?

Adjusting To A Cuckold Lifestyle

There are many reasons to embark upon a cuckold lifestyle or even an occasional kinky night, but most of my clients make cuckolding a regular occurrence or if not a permanent one.

So let’s take a look at what brought you here and why

  • You have a hot wife or a trophy wife, and she is considerably younger, hotter and has a much higher sex drive than you can satisfy and accommodate
  • You have an average or below average size cock. You might know that you do, or you might have been told that your size is sufficient. But we all know that a lot of ladies are really polite so they won’t broach the subject, Marriage is a different matter, so now, you know your size is unsatisfactory, or thickness, that’s also an issue.
  • You can’t get an erection or maintain an erection for sufficient time to bring your wife satisfactory orgasms.
  • You are a minute man, or suffer from premature ejaculation issues. No matter what you do, you just cum super fast, and at this point, it’s become evident that your wife needs someone with a lot more stamina AND staying power in the bedroom.
  • Your wife is used to huge cocks and she married you for other reasons, you are a good provider and you both get along very well at all other aspects of your life, except sexually.
  • Your wife cheated on you with someone else, more than once. You found out and even though you felt jealous and upset, you found out that it made you more horny than you’ve been in a long time.
  • You have hidden (or not so hidden) bisexual needs, fantasies and desires. You need to explore them and if you segway those through a cuckold kinky lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to accomplish.
  • You are a sissy, or you wish to become one, and with your submission tendency, being a feminized sissy, cross dresser and all related matters mean that you are not going to be a real man, so your wife must be compensated for all you lack.
  • You are a submissive who crave humiliation in a female led marriage or relationship, and need to be reminded on a regular basis of you incompetency, and thorough your servitude of your wife, and her new stud, you fulfill the path you were always meant to be on.
  • Both you and your wife are equals, and just love the cuckold and swinging lifestyle.

So whether it’s one or a combination of the above reasons, that led you on the Cuckold path, I can certainly help make sense of it and help you create the perfect environment for you and your marriage to not only adjust but to THRIVE in your new lifestyle.


Adjusting to a Cuckold Lifestyle: Your Wife is Changing, too.

One of the main components of having a great and satisfying sex life is that it changes a person in many ways.

Essentially, if your wife is now having the hot sex of her life, especially if all her needs are met, and even EXCEEDED she will blossom as a woman, and is going to be utterly transformed before your eyes.

You may not know this, but when a woman is engaged in hot love making session with a very compatible Alpha Male, her physiology changes on a CELLULAR level, she gets bonded with him, or rather her body is, and this is a little trick by Mother Nature in order to assure continuation of the species, the strongest and best of us are made assured with the fruitful copulation of The Alphas Male and Female.

The changes in your wife will be immediately evident as she will appear as if glowing from the inside out.

Her mannerism will change, as well, so expect your wife to look better than ever, dress differently, ooze confidence and sexuality. She is blossoming into a Hot Wife and the more she is enhanced the more you feel diminished, but that’s to be expected, as you adjust to the new normal.

Her demeanor towards you is changing too, and you need to be prepared for this, and meet her new demands and expectations. She is becoming more and more dominant towards you, and your sex life is now totally in her hands, so to speak, as you are now expected to take a step back so your wife can evolve into the Dominant, Demanding Sexual Vixen she was always made to be.

Adjusting to a Cuckold Lifestyle: Your New Duties

Adjusting To A Cuckold Lifestyle

Depending on the extent of your new Cuckold lifestyle, and you wife changing needs, there are many pathways unfolding before you, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but fear not, I am here to help.

Let’s take a quick look at your New Duties and Changing Role in your Cuckold lifestyle marriage.

  • You must always encourage your wife to look and feel her best and this means that if you need to work extra hard and earn much more in order to furnish her with new wardrobe, spa and beauty appointments, shopping trips and even plastic surgery, you will do so without question.
  • If your wife deems it necessary, your orgasms will now be strictly regulated, and you might very well be denied release for a long period of time.
  • You will agree to wear a cock cage, or chastity device on a regular basis, and be locked up. If you have a small penis an uncomfortable chastity device might even make it smaller, that is to be expected and endured by you without complaint.
  • You might be required to take over household chores and ongoing duties, and contribute all income to your wife needs and demands, your earnings are now in her hands at all times.
  • Feminization may occur and practiced, as you are no longer considered the man of the house, so if you had any sissy inclinations before, you will make sure that you exercise those tendency to it’s fullest extent.
  • Humiliation – this may take place in any many forms, and your most private embarrassment and inadequacies will be discussed at length with your wife’s girlfriends, work colleagues and if she brings her stud over, you will be humiliated and degraded by both of them, and take all of it in gratitude. so make sure you learn how to submit.

The above are general guidelines and one of the most common duties and adjustment you will discover as a Cuckold Husband.
If you are a fully participatory in your new role, you might want to check out my previous guides to assist you on your way.
Read my Cuckold Fluffer Guide


Adjusting to a Cuckold Lifestyle: Choosing a Stud / Bull

Adjusting To A Cuckold Lifestyle

Choosing a stud or a bull may be something you and your wife discussed at length, or maybe your wife wishes to try many different kinds of hot guys to enjoy before she settles on a regular bull type.

The most important aspect of a bull is that he can and will fulfill all of your wife’s sexual needs and that is the main aspect in a cuckold lifestyle you must full adjust and transition into.

A few main pointers in optimal Stud Choice

  • The Stud or Bull is an Alpha male, a Dominant. He may be Bisexual so depending on your cuckold lifestyle direction, you may need to satisfy him, become his fluffer and perform sexual tasks if he so chooses to command them.
  • The Bull is now the main or even sole provider of your wife’s sexual needs, and whether you are there to observe or there for the aftermath, this fact will be prominently present.
  • Above all else, your wife needs come before yours, and you are there to enhance hers and the bulls prolific sex life even if you are sentenced to log stretches of chastity lock up.
  • Your humiliation will increase if feminization and sissification comes into continuous play and it’s YOUR job to be as appealing and as accommodating to your wife’s bull as possible.
  • In some cases the Wife and Bull relationship becomes the Primary relationship, and this will further emphasize the importance of a good bull choice, as he will step in to fill a primary relationship role with the wife, whist the husband is demoted to the bottom of the totem pole, mainly, a secondary bedroom bitch sissy maid, and pussy cleanup janitor
  • If the wife has a distinct preference for BBC, a black bull may be a regular or a permanent occurrence. Wife breeding may also be an issue to consider long term, which will be up to the wife and the bull to decide.


So, as you can see, the road to full adjustment is complex and arduous at times, but not to worry. With Mistress Alina Sky, your new life will sparkle by.

I can help you mitigate all the bumps in the road to full adjustment and make you the Best Cuckold Husband you can be, no matter what type of cuckold you become, I will make sure it’s optimal to your needs and the needs of your wife and bull.


I am currently writing a full Wife’s Cuckold Guide.
If you ever consider helping your wife become a hot wife and turn your marriage to an exciting, exhilarating and truly satisfying cuckold lifestyle marriage, than my soon to be completed Guide is for you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and see ya on the next one!


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