Every Cuckold Needs A Mistress

Every Cuckold Needs a Mistress

Every Cuckold NEEDS a mistress. 
Yes, I’ve said it, I will say it again. 


No matter what KIND of cuckold you are, what type or frequency which your cuckold play takes place, a Mistress is always that oh so VITAL yet elusive element that you’ve been missing.

So, let me count the ways as to WHY a cuckold marriage/arrangement/relationship can be exponentially enhanced by a Mistress who is a Cuckold specialist (Like myself, who is a Lifestyle Mistress with over 60 cuckold involved couples as my clients) Can help YOU create the most balance, erotic and intense experience in YOUR cuckold journey.


Every Cuckold Needs a Mistress
The Ins and Outs of It

Every Cuckold Needs A Mistress

Cuckold Play is one of the most complex fetishes and Kink Play out there, because it has infinite variables and unlimited options. 
It also involves more then one person. 

That alone creates complexities that can be daunting to anyone who wishes to embark on a Cuckold lifestyle or even broach the subject with their wife. 

An Experienced Mistress like myself, has been immersed in helping couples realize their full alternative lifestyle / marriages options. 

To date, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, couples. men and women, in person and through distance domination, as to how we might enhance, balance and intensify their journey and cuckold experiences and outlook and most importantly, how to make this type of complex play SUSTAINABLE whilst maintaining a good, solid marriage. 

Your first step is to obtain the help and guidance of someone like myself, that can offer true and real-time interactions with you, (and your wife, if you’d like), and navigate the mysterious waters of this delicious play, getting the most out of it. 

Even if you have NOT yet discussed your cuckold desires with your wife, or you are unsure if it’s even possible, or even if you are single/divorced and always wanted to experience desire for intense kink, then no worries, we still totally can.

Thanks to my VAST and ONGOING  experienced with real life clients who regularly indulge in cuckold play, You and I can easily role play together.

My Cuckold Sessions are drenched with great intensity and filled with cuckold fun intricate complexity you will greatly enjoy, consequence free. 

You will adore the  Alina Sky Real Girlfriend/Wife Experience touch as we just add a hot cuckold twist!


Every Cuckold Needs a Mistress
Identify the Type of Cuck You Are

Just like with many complex kinks and fetishes, you might feel a bit confused as to what type of cuckold you are, and to what extent. 

What this means is that no Cuckold play is similar. There are infinite variables.

There are Accidental Cuckolds, Bi Curious Cuckold, Non Participatory Cuckolds, Full Participation Cuckolds, Dominant Cuckolds (Yes they exist) Humiliation Craving Cuckolds, Bi Racial and BBC Size Queen focused Cuckold Play to name a few. 

A Mistress that has truly mastered Cuckold Play, like myself, can lead you through YOUR cuckold path, suited exquisitely to your specific needs, because many times, my clients don’t even know themselves where this journey will lead them, and a Mistress as  a Guide is a MUST HAVE. 


Transition into a Cuckold State of Mind

Every Cuckold Needs A Mistress

“A Cuckold State Of Mind, Mistress Alina? Why? I already REALLY get turned on just THINKING about my wife/gf with other men!”

Okay, yes, you are turned on, it’s what you want and wish for, HOWEVER. If you TRULY want your cuckold play to be ALL that it can be, it takes MUCH MORE than being just turn on by the concept of it. 

The reality of Cuckold Play is much different and mercurial, that is what makes this so very intense, alluring and addictive – but it also can turn on a dime, destroying marriages and causing all sorts of mayhem, which is why the right Frame Of Mind and A Mistress like myself, can help you navigate those enticing yet stormy waters of cuckold play with your significant other. 

I use a variety of methods to do so, from role play to trance conditioning audios you can listen to, and of course, being here for you whilst your wife is out with her bull. 


Every Cuckold Needs a Mistress


Alleviate that “Neglected” Feeling

Although Cuckold play can also include full participation of the husband or boyfriend, often times it’s not; meaning that YOU, the Cuckold is left behind waiting whilst your wife is out on her adventures. 

Yes, it is indeed the very nature of this kink that can leave you feeling both lonely and neglected.

Which is why a Mistress is ESPECIALLY vital, in order to bring balance to your life with exciting cuckold related sessions, discussing in great juicy detail and even role playing your significant other great escapades.

MOST importantly, your significant other can focus on her side of things, the bull and the sexual exploration and pleasure that an Alpha Man brings to the table, instead of feeling pressured to come home to you and give you all the attention you might be craving.,..She may very well be UTTERLY EXHAUSTED! (Which means she found the perfect bull. YAY!)

The Domination Aspect in Cuckold Play may not be Your Wife’s Forte

Most cuckolds need to be dominated, even humiliated, within the cuckold play, and that is something extremely complex and needing of a greatly skillful Dominatrix. 

In my Lifestyle Domination Practice, I meticulously Flesh out (see what I did there lol) Entire Cuckold Training Program and Sessions that are perfectly design to fit my clients specific needs, including what to look for in a Bull and the complex ways that all three of you can play and co exist in perfect Cuckold Lifestyle Harmony. 

Many of the wives I work with really have no interest in fully dominating there husband as he truly needs to be, and that can cause imbalance and friction. Hence, my omnipresence as a Mistress and Cuckold Specialist is crucial to your evolving needs as you embark on this exhilarating new chapter in your life and your marriage. 

I look forward to being your ultimate guide and our collaborative play!


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