Hello, cock control fans and assorted naughties. Mistress Erika is your Mistress of the month for March! Woo hoo! I am beyond thrilled that I was nominated by the sexy folk over at Enchantrix Empire, and not only nominated but I WON! We have a plethora of Enchantrix Mistresses to choose from every month,so I’m sure it was hard to pick just ONE!

It also means that the Enchantrix Empire members really enjoy my out of session playtime at our own sexy social network! If you don’t know what Enchantrix Empire is then let me tease you a bit. There’s a lot to do there, from posting blogs, creating polls and interacting with open minded kinky folk in a welcoming atmosphere! Tease N Denial pets, Chastity, Feminization and more! Whatever your desires, you are welcome to share whatever part of you that you like. You don’t even have to talk about your kink if you don’t want to. There are a few members there that I’ve known for years, but I’m yet to know how they like their kink! If you are not a member, sign up today! I’m running Enchantrix Empire fans ONLY special over there for March but ya gotta join to find out about it and to win!

So thank you, thank YOU Enchantrix Empire as one pet of mine would say: You Da Best!

Kinky Mistress Erika

Mistress Of The Month

Mistress Erika- Outside of Session

One of the fantastic things about being Mistress of the Month is the chance “to put me in front of an audience” who might not have known me before. So, for those who may not know me, a few words on me.

I’m a fun loving kinky gal, with a quick wit and a smart mouth. That’s not to say I can’t “clean it up” when needed! I love my lingerie, heels and flirty short dresses. I also love what they do to you. But I’m just as comfortable, and teasingly sexy, donning a baseball cap, t shirt and booty shorts.

I left my staying up all night and partying back in my 20’s. I’m a lightweight when it comes to imbibing, and just got sick and tired of being sick and hungover! These days you can most often find me hanging out by my pool.

I also enjoy fishing (can you bait my hook, tho? LOL) kayaking and most anything related to communing with mother nature. Of course I enjoy being pampered with a mani /pedi or delicious massage, and to do so with a girlfriend for a lovely ladies day is a YAY, in my book!



Then there’s the best part of being me: doing something I truly love, teasing the ever loving F out of you!

Who is Mistress of the Month Erika- Kinky Side

I know, I know, you are dying to get to the “good stuff” and if you are still reading then I have to say you are going to be rewarded for your interest and tenacity!

I’ve known from early on about the achilles heel of men. Trust me when I say, it’s not in your heel, nor your leg. Well, depending on who you ask I’d acquiescence and agree to “middle” leg.

Your biological directive, my darlings, is your weakness.It’s my pleasure to exploit that! Now don’t get your knickers in a knot, it’s nothing but safe sane and consensual!! Let’s just say you wouldn’t be the first guy to be wrapped around my little finger! This year one of my devotee’s nicknamed himself an “Erika Addict”, which I absolutely Love and now using it regularly! I’m sure through my tenure as MOTM (Mistress of the Month) I’ll be acquiring some new hearts cocks to my stable of Erika Addicts!! Question is: Is that you? 😘

What I Enjoy

I enjoy being in charge, it feels right and comfortable for me whatever the circumstance. I can also yield the floor and allow someone else to bloom into their glory,which happens often on Two Mistress Calls! I love playing with my Sister Mistresses!

So bring that natural head-space of being a leader into your sexual life and you have the makings of a Sexual Dominant, Femdom, Mistress, Goddess whatever term you enjoy using. But if you are looking for a Femdom who dislikes men and has an axe to grind I might not be a good fit. That does NOT mean I don’t enjoy erotic humiliation, it’s a fantastic tool that I am quite adept at wielding. From teasing and sensual to harsh degradation and even ignore humiliation, count me in!
But I do so because I love it, you love it and not because I intrinsically hate men. I love men! I wouldn’t be here without one! *winks*

Kinks And Fetish

Kinky Play Oh Yay!!

In any-event back to the naughty: I’ve had several intimate relationships where I got to explore, hone and enjoy what men can, and will do , to please me. Granted, ultimately, to assuage their biological directive as well. But we are here for Win Win situations, aren’t we? Sure we are. It just plays out in different ways!

This is the Best Part

This is where I sink my teeth in. I am fascinated and enthralled by your sexual journey. I love how similar motivators and influencing factors help form and shape your kink “today”. Not only that but add to your journey and see “Where we can take” your kinky desires! That’s what’s thrilling , and arousing for me! That’s why I’m here! I have been told I have an ability to understand you, your kink and exactly how to turn up the heat! buckle up, butter cup this ride may take unexpected turns!

Mistress Reviews

I get you are using your precious resources of time and money. You deserve value for your investment! I get that. So check out what some other happy pets had to say about sessions with me.

..if you are searching for a phone Mistress Ms. Erika should be at the Top of your list. She is a Great communicator, but more importantly she has a talent for listening. I promise you, whatever fantasy your imagination can dream of, She can bring to life in living color. She will not only paint a masterpiece in your mind but She will also reach into your heart and soul and shake you to the core of your being. She has a feather touch but She can move mountains with the whisper of a few words. Please do yourself a favor and call Ms. Erika!!!!!


Mistress Erika is fantastic. She does not hesitate to show her excitement over being the fantastic dominant she is.

You can check out my other reviews here: Mistress Review, and note we do not filter those reviews, if I received a bad one (which I haven’t! LOL) , it will be listed along with the others!

I enjoy playing with a lot of different kinks and fetishes. I also enjoy many kinds of sessions, from sexy role play to Kink Training and everything in between! I have very few hard boundaries,so don’t hesitate to contact me about your desires!

Mistress of the Month Kinky Fun

I am so excited to meet you that I’m sweetening the pot!
I know you won’t be able to resist and soon you’ll be in my ear for a little taste of Me!

New Callers

For every New Caller to Me (not LDW) I will add 5 minutes free to your paid ten minute minimum session in March.
>That means your ten minute call just turned into 15!
>Want a longer session, OF COURSE! Just know 5 of those minutes are on me!!
> New To Me Caller also includes anyone who hasn’t called me in a year.
I want to Welcome You Back!

Returning Naughties

Each of your sessions in March gains you an entry to win one of the following:

Free Custom Ten Minute Erotic Audio From Me (1 Grand Prize $40.00 value)
Ten Minutes Free With Me NO Minimum Purchase!! (3 prizes)
> All types of sessions are included: phone, text or cam. Three ten minute prizes will be awarded!
Three Free Email Exchanges with me (3 prizes)
> email exchanges can be related to session (training) , or independent just to discuss naughty things!
An email exchange is my reply to you, and you’ll get three!

That is 7 prizes being given out total! Excited yet? I am! All winners will be selected and notified by April 2,2021

All You Have To Do To Qualify
Congratulate me on being Mistress of the Month and let me know what prize you hope to win! Winners will be notified, and those who give me permission will be publicly announced! Don’t worry I don’t post personal stuff, and we can use your “nick name” IE: Little peg, or stroker slut! 😘

Well there you have it. My Thank you and invite to stop by Intelligent Phone Fantasy and check me out! Looking forward to connecting soon!

Until We Chat 💋
Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika


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