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It’s April, and Body Worship 101 is our fetish site of the month. I thought I’d kick things off with a discussion about the ass worship fetish. Specifically, ebony ass worship fetish. Have you ever heard of the hottentot venus? Let’s dive into the history of black people’s bodies, and the obsession non-blacks and blacks alike, have with black women’s asses. And then we’re going to chat about how that plays into the ass worship fetish, and why, I enjoy having my ass adored.

Ass Worship Fetish History

Sarah (Saartje) Baartman was known as the hottentot venus aka her stage name, and the name given to the Khoikhoi, southwestern African indigenous people. Because of her large, shelf like buttocks, she was put on display, usually as some form of freak show exhibit. Translation: Some uncultured white people thought having a big booty was weird and treated her like a subhuman. Black women and their bodies have a long history of being fetishized, shamed, and now, sought after physiques. It’s no wonder that now the very thing that was exhibited as freakish, is now desirable to the point of both black and non-black women getting surgeries to enhance the booty meat. However, you no longer need to visit a circus, or a zoo, or a freak show, to see a beautiful black woman, with a beautiful black ass.

Black Women Sexuality and Body Worship

Because of our skin color, body types, lips, genitalia, black women were often hyper-sexualized, and then shamed for it. Fast forward to now, where slut walks and white feminism are discussed loudly and often, black women are still shamed for exhibiting any form of sexuality, while others are encouraged to embrace their own. And to this day, black women are still fetishized, as are black men. Is there anything wrong with having a big booty? No. Is there anything wrong with having or desiring big booties? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I use my ass as a place of worship often, and as an Ebony Femdom white boi trainer, I use it as a form of reparations.

Ass Worship Fetish with Duchess Willow

Ebony Femdom Ass Worship – Duchess Willow 1-800-601-6975

Ebony Femdom Ass Worship Fetish

Make no mistake, black women are a masterpiece. PERIOD. And I will be happy to remind you of such during a rousing session of ebony ass worship, designed to addict, and subjugate, the eager ass sniffing submissive. And while you’re underneath me, sniffing, licking, and prostrating to the ass Goddess that is the Ebony Femdom, I will make sure you always treat me, and my ass with the highest respect. My form of Ebony Femdom ass worship is empowering to me, dehumanizing to the submissive ass worshiper, and most importantly, it brings me pleasure.

Eat the Booty Like Groceries

If you’re in the BDSM kink community, you’ve heard the term “munch” before. When you are in my presence, it will be a munch, of sorts. As in you munching on my booty while I sit on your face. When you are serving the Duchess Humiliatrix, keep in mind that I enjoy degrading you. When you’re eating my ass, you don’t need any other air but that which you are permitted to breath directly from the crack of my ass. It’s fine if you get a little light headed, I like dizzy headed white bois who wish to stick their tongues where the sun don’t shine.

So Imagine You are My Bitch Boi Ass Worshiping Slave

“Lick my ass, boi.” You will hear my command, and then feel the sting of my riding crop on your flesh, while I ride your face like a whore on Sunday. If you’re lucky, I might even make those cheeks clap like a church congregation, all over your face. That is what it’s going to be like, being my ass worship bitch boi. You will know no other gods or false idols. You will worship all day every day at the church of Ebony Femdom ass. You will taste my essence on your tongue as if it were manna from heaven.

Ebony Ass Worship Fetish

If you think you can handle being buried between my luscious ebony ass cheeks, then there’s only one thing left to do. Call me. The number, is 1-800-601-6975. Ask for Duchess Willow, and make sure you tell dispatch, that you’re calling for the ass worship fetish. If you would like an ass worship fetish custom audio, hit me up at and tell me your filthy ass worship needs. If you like pairing body worship with the smoking fetish, I have a new human ashtray slave audio, in the phone sex audios store. Stay safe and stay blessed. Lastly, the views and opinions expressed on this blog post are my own, if you have been in any way offended, kiss my black ass.

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