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In short, a Giantess is a really big woman. Not just big as in tall, or fat (there is a BBW fetish, this is different from that), or someone who has gigantism.  Big as in supernaturally and inhumanly gigantic. Think Attack On Titan, a Japanese manga series about giant humanoid beings that prey on regular sized human beings. In size comparison, a Giantess is – in most fantasies – drastically larger than a regular size human being.  The origins of a Giantess can be found in Greek, and Hindu mythology, and growing and shrinking is referenced abundantly in the book, Alice In Wonderland.

What is a Giantess

Aside from a Giantess being as big as a New York apartment building, most Giantess women are depicted with normal physical proportions to size scale. In the world of animated and digital art, Giantesses might have very exaggerated breasts, ass, and thighs, and some.. may even be Tgirl Giantess Femdoms.  The only limit to the Giantess fantasy as a personal fetish, is your own imagination. And the size of the Giantess may vary depending on your preferred size contrast.

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Men and Giantess Women

Obviously, there is a power that a Giantess exudes, simply by the fact that she exists at all. A Giantess female can easily overpower any average sized man, and even the biggest, strongest men, would be no match for a 50 foot Giantess. This is probably the reason that Giantess is a popular fetish for submissive men who enjoy Femdom. A Giantess Femdom brings to the scene an extra layer of dominance, and some men simply get all hot and horny for a woman who could launch them from Jersey City to Green Acres Mall with a flick of her fingers.

Giantess Femdom

While the Giantess fetish would be physically impossible, it is still a popular roleplay in the phone sex arena, and in content sales. Giantess fantasies utilize other senses, and your imagination. If you can dream it, you can be it. And there is one more place you can quench your visual thirst for a gargantuan woman, and that is in the virtual world. Virtual Giantess Avatars have varying sizes, and are popular in Giantess and shrinking roleplay communities.  So if you have the desire, you can satisfy your Giantess cravings, on Giantess Island via phone sex, or virtual roleplay.

How to Meet a Giantess

It does not matter if you like mean Giantess Femdoms, or the gentle Giantess,  the hungry Giantess, or…. the raunchier Giantess scene, if you want to meet a Giantess Femdom, you need only go to Giantess Island. If you like Giantess erotica, visit our Giantess Phone Sex blog. Oh, and I am the Ebony Giantess, of Giantess Island. So where do you get your plane ticket to Giantess paradise? Visit the Giantess Island Phone Sex site, and then call us at 1-877-496-0255 to be transported to our secret hideaway. If you want to speak with me, just ask for Duchess Willow.  If you’re looking for Ebony Femdom Giantess content, contact me at willow@enchantrixempire.com for custom erotic audios and/or videos.  Stay safe, stay blessed, and see you on the island.

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