Shrunken Man in a Giantess world

Shrunken Man in a Giantess World

Hello There Friends, Fans and Marginal Miscreants!

Do you have a shrinking fetish?
Then this post – Shrunken Man in a Giantess World is where you need to be!

This fun fetish where you fantisize of shrinking to small sizes.
Some people with this fetish will like to be crushed under a foot, between breasts, or under an ass. But some like to be eaten. Most likly people with this will roleplay more often.

And you ALLLL know how much I loooovvvvee to Roleplay

So step in my Giantess Wolrd and prepare to be my shrunken man toy! Mmmm can’t wait to shrink you down to a tiny tiny size so I can imprison you in my Giantess place of choice FOREVER!

Shrunken Man in a Giantess World – NOT for the Faint of Heart

Shrunken Man in a Giantess world

Living as a shrunken man in a Giantess world is NOT for the faint of heart.

So fair warning, EVERYTHING on Giantess Island is HUGE HUGE HUGE! – except you.
You are a tiny shrunken man, and we LOVE tiny shrunken men.
We even built an enclosure for you among other shrunken men who we’ve captured and kept forever.

It’s like a flee circus – only filled with devoted shrunken men toys for us to amuse ourselves with. Don’t worry, we won’t step on you by mistake… well, probably…

Shrinking You is Half the Fun

I personally love shrinking men into a diminutive size of my choice.

You may start out regular at your regular size, but then you realize that I’ve concocted some sort of evil genious way to make you shrink into a tiny incher, your cloths just slide off of you and here you are, naked, tiney shivering man-insect at the palm of my giantic hand, each of my nails may very well impale you, then swallow you whole like a ready to eat hors d’oeuvre !!! Mmmm

A Tiny Shrinkin Man
Is The Perfect Pet

Shrunken Man in a Giantess world

I can stick you in a cute jar, a dollhouse, I can dominate you with a flick of my finger that can send you flying, I can put you in my mouth, my pussy, my bra; Reward you with a trip to the store where you can hide in my purse and watch as I try on every outfit I want in the dressing room to your glee and delight!

I can shrink you to a size of a dildo or a butt plug, and use you for that, as a sex toy alone by myself or with my partners, male and female, you will have to use your ENTIRE shrunk body to pleasure every part of me/us and you will be devoted and honored to do so!

I will watch you under a magnifiying glass and see your tiny tiny tiny penis wiggle and bounce as I make you dance and do tricks for me.
Don’t make me hold you upside down by your tiny legs and suspend you above my open mouth when you misbehave! I promise that will be scary for you!


Sometimes tiny men need to be crushed like the tiny bugs they are.
Rest assured that I have awesome high heels wicked stilletto shoes to crush your tiny body under!

Oh I will let you run around first and try to hide, but I will find you and soon, ohhh my giant long leg and stilletto heel will be above you, coming down with horrifying reckoning, as it is time to pay the piper and meet your maker ! CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH the tiny man into a flat squished insect, right on the hard floor!

Will you grab my heel or peep toe shoe and try to climb right on it to avoid being crushed! Oh how I love watching you dangle from my toes and cry out, begging to be spared !

It’s time for this Giantess to shrink you and  make you her play thing!
Pop over to Giantess Island and show me your shrinking devotion!


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