What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress


And How To Make Your Sessions Much More Satisfying


By Lifestyle & Phone  Mistress Alina Sky

Erotic Entertainment has always been a burning need since the dawn of time, one way or another. Through the centuries and constant progress, there seem to be so many more options available than ever, and all those choices, women, voices, images, websites, can be extremely overwhelming to you, the consumer.

Each Erotic Entertainter, Phone Sex Operator, and Dirty Talker with a phone line and a bank account is out there to compete for your money and patronage, and it’s daunting for both sides. because you can have a fairly decent experiences, but it may leave you feeling hollow, disconnected, with an itch you still cannot seem to scratch.

There HAS to be a better way to TRULY connect and none more true than in the intricate and nuanced world Of Femdomme, Submission and Full Spectrum Domination.l
There IS. Enchantrix Empire is It.

Truth be told, it’s survival of the fittest in our industry. And for someone like me, who is a lifestyle Domme and who has a deep love, and passion for all matters Femdomme, I did my research so you don’t have to, and when I found Enchantrix Empire, I knew I found a home for all my passions and high standards, and I am so very proud to be here. 

Of course for you, the consumer,  there are many choices out there, and you are more than welcome to do your due diligence.
However, the bottom line, you CRAVE a CONNECTION. You want AND DESERVE the BEST experience for your time, your money, your needs, your wants.
You DESERVE to have an AMAZING session with someone who CARES, truly,  and is highly skilled, involved, current, relevant and knowledable with regards to your kinks, desires, and erotic experience. 

A Mistress that continues to evolve with your changing needs.

What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress -


What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress


I’ve NEVER used Phone Sex Before.
I’ve never tried Domination Before

Remarkably, for many, it’s their first foray into phone sex and phone Femdomme and that’s Okay, We will Ease you into it, and we will go as slow or as fast as you’d like. Don’t worry, we are soooo good at this and we LOVE what we do. 


What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress -

Okay, so you’re a newbie. 
*I love newbies* because they haven’t had the chance to form any bad habits and, yes they may be hesitant but lucky for YOU I do ALL CALLS, From Erotic to Tantric, To real girlfriend to FULL spectrum domination, sensual to extreme, and I Take the time to get to know you, as a person, so we can tailor fit a session just for you.  All you have to do is:
Okieeee I KNOW the above is easier said than done for some clients so the next paragraph is for the shy guys amongst you:

I, Personally am a bit of a super freak with considerable experience with men, women, via phone and  live sessions, bisexuality, tantra and asmr conditioning, role plays of every kind and I’m  VERY easy to speak with. You can’t shock me whatsoever and even though every client milage varies and his/her experiences are unique to be sure, Be confident that I can easily handle all of what you have to share with me. 

What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress

What NOT to do


Get on your Potential  Mistress Good Side Goes A loooong way

What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress -

So these instructions below is what YOU Absolutely SHOULD NOT DO when shopping around for a new Mistress, because you might miss out on the BEST experiences of your life 

So, the following may hurt, a lot, because truths sometimes kick you right where you need it.

  1. DO NOT send long elaborate encyclopedia size emails counting all of your life story, your sexual history, your overly detailed fantasy and list of ideas/demands etc.
    Have respect for our time, our expertise and the fact that one or two BRIEF INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPHS is all you should EVER get into.
    Lucky for you, here at the Enchantrix Empire we make it super easy by providing you with a Mistress Recommendation Form to fill out, this should be your guide.
    Here is the link _ Mistrerss Recommendation Form 
    This is never ever acceptable. Sending images are reserved for ACTIVE sessions ONLY, unless your potential Mistress asks for them specifically. (She Won’t. Nobody wants to look at your junk without being compensated accordingly.)
  3. If you really want your Mistress to get to know you and sort out what type of person you are and if you are a good match for each other NOTHING sorts that out better than an ACTUAL PHONE CALL, even if it’s a short 10 to 15 minute one. We need to hear your voice and feel the energy flow, For me, 10 emails won’t do what 10 min on the phone can do. 


  1. Be polite. Goes without saying, especially around here as it IS a domination oriented site but still. If you are rude, lewd and crude (yes it’s an adult industry, but first contact is NOT the time for that just yet
    A demeanor that is, in any way,
     condescending  or if someone is sending explicit emials/images and basically behaving like they have two atrophied IQ points banging around in their mostly empty brain, I, personally, will wipe the floor with them and send them to therapy for the rest of their incel- miserable existence. 
  2. Why are you here? I’m here because I want to be, as well as many of my sisters, have other careers and income streams besides LDW so that makes  being here something WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DO. And, it shows. We invest a LOT in our work and we take care of our clients as they take care of us. 
    Reciprocal, engaging, deep and meaningful relationships ESPECIALLY in A Femdome Setting is paramount to success and satysfaction, and that goes both ways, so understand that choosing a Mistress here is something that can and will give you a long, important and sometimes an actual life line, so the more open and honest and focused you are on choosing the right Mistress for you, the better your experience will be. 
  3. What are your goals and what are you expecting from a session? So let’s face it, not all of you are looking for long term situation with one Mistress, and that’s PERFECTLY FINE. If you like to try different Mistresses, by all means, do so. We offer Multiple Mistress Calls as well and those are WICKED FUN.
    However, if you need a long term, deep sessions. take the time to do an at least half an hour introductory call and ask all the questions you need to ask, so you can REALLY figure out of the Mistress of your choice can actually MAKE THAT COMMITMENT to you, and provide the sessions in a scheduled and timely manner. 
  4. DO have fun. AS MUCH fun as possible. Be Kinky, be OPEN be TEACHBLE, EXPLORE, enjoy your time because I know I do, and not only because I’m an off the chart high sex drive insatiable force of nature, I’m also in total control of all my passions and Domination saved my life, I was lost before I’ve realized that being HERE in my ultimate anchor and Femdom is the Only True Love of my Life. 
  5. We are Kink Connoisseurs, but you don’t have to be. 
    I provide real girlfriend experiences, relationship advice, love making sessions, mutual mastubations and stright up hot phone sex becasue I always loved it, so you can find that with me as well, if you wish. 
  6. Speak your mind. EVEN if you are a Submissive. I know that even if I’m highly intuitive, any feedback even if minimal, will prevent a session from going south or just not hitting the spot for you so NEVER BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR MISTRESS what are things you would like to cover or touch on or TOTALLY AVOID, so the sessions can progress at your pace. 
    Lifestyle In Person sessions are always easier to gouge for me, and that’s what makes me super effective on the phone, but, truly, I always appreciate it when a Submissives is engaged and communicative! 


What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress –

Your Opinion Matters To Me!

Last but not least What  are some of the things YOU wished you knew before choosing a Mistress? 

As always I invite you to sound off in the comment section  below and share some of your experiences and lessons you’ve learned along the way. And in the spirit of reciprocal communication , what would YOU want (or don’t want) in a Mistress?
As well as what you wish your Mistress would do during your first contact / session wise?
Let me know by commenting below xo

What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing A Mistress



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