November Mistress of the Month: Ms. Riley

YOU voted for me! So here I am your mistress of the month for November! Of course, I bring goodies and lots of fun this month. Before I jump into the goodies let me tell you all how grateful I am to be chosen as your mistress of the month. It’s an honor and I’m very excited. So let’s open the goodie bag for this month.

My first treat is for all new callers or callers I haven’t spoken to in over a year to come to get acquainted or reacquainted and enjoy 5 extra free minutes with me!

Treat number two is for anyone to enjoy. With the mistress of the month special you get 10 minutes added to any call 30 minutes or more! Any calls over 60 minutes and you also get a 5-minute custom audio. Make sure to ask the dispatcher directly for the mistress of the month special to be applied to your call. Limited to one use per day.

Ms Riley is November's Mistress of the Month!

A Contest and FREE Event

First off I’m going to create a little contest for any member of so if you’re not a member make sure you join if you would like to participate. I’ll be creating a group for this at the beginning of November and it’s super easy to enter. All I’m asking for is for you to write a poem about why you are thankful for your mistress or mistresses. This can be a poem and a tribute to any of your favorite mistresses. Who knows, maybe they will also reward you in return. I will be picking a winner on Thanksgiving the 25th. So all poems must be submitted for entry by the 24th! The winner will get a free 10-minute call with me, and two runner-ups will be chosen to receive a 5 minutes audio I’ve created!

As for the event, it’s one that I’m holding on the 25th, Thanksgiving day. I actually have people to cook for this year instead of one or two. However, that means I’m going to be stuck in the kitchen all morning, preparing a meal. I’m going to be bored and in need of some entertainment so I’m inviting you to join me for conversation. It will be held over Skype so you must have a Skype account to be included in the group. This will just be for fun, casual, slightly flirtatious time for you to chat with me and anyone else who joins us. Who knows if I ask nicely maybe some of my sexy mistress friends will pop in to say hi! The group chat will be going from 7 A.M. to Noon EST. So be prepared for a lot of turkey stuffing jokes. Check my blog at the beginning of this month for how to sign up and be added to the group chat for that day!

Thank you again, everyone, for the support! Let’s have a fun and naughty November!

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