Interactive vs Non Interactive Phone Sessions

And Which one Works Best for YOU

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Let’s explore the meaning of Interactive VS Non Interactive Phone Sessions:
In this post I want to talk about Interactive VS Non Interactive Phone Sessions – And which one works best for YOU!

In my Domination practice, I usually start by REALLY LISTENING to how my client answers my questions, so that I don’t need to do a lot of digging to get a fairly clear picture of what session format may work best for YOU. Interactive VS Non Interactive Phone Sessions

FULLY Interactive Fantasy Play

To various degrees, this type of session may suit you best if you LOVE telling me stories, confessing all of your different experiences, discussing your fantasy or ideal scanarios, and are interested in a fully immersive, no detail too small type of session; and for the most part, you need ME to just LISTEN, whilst you do the lion share of the talking.

This type of session is often referred to as “talk-therapy”.
If this is something you crave, need and love to do, I am an EXCELLENT and avid listener, so if that’s your fancy, I’m totally up for that!

Semi or Equally Interactive Fantasy Play

This type of session will focus on an equal role play interaction.
For example, where I assume the role of of someone that will share eually with you in the session itself, Namely, I could be a co workier, your Mistress, Your wife, your naughty neighbour next door, a seductive collage professor, a nurse, etc.

It’s a fun session where we essentially “Ping-Pong” our role play between each other, and of course, I’m quite enthousiastic about my role plays and love to slide in and out of different identities for you!

Interactive VS Non Interactive Phone Sessions

Non-Interactive Fantasy Play

This one is a popular session where you do very little talking, for varying reasons: You may not be alone and/or, you go into a trance sub space whilst I take over, (I’m an expert at ASMR so I can put you in a different plane of existance whilst you focus on your own pleasure withdout doing any participaton. 

We can experiment with different styles or even a combinations of many, it’s always interesting and fun to try new methods whist in session so feel free to suggest, ask or try anything with me, I have a multitide of styles in sessions, so that you get a fully immersive, customized experienced, every time xoInteractive vs Non Interactive Phone Sessions


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