Benefits Of Mistress Ownership ~ And Why You Need It


By Mistress Alina Sky

Benefits Of Mistress Ownership


Hello My Loves xo
Benefits of Mistress Ownership and Why You need it blog post will unvail and show you why being owned by a Mistress can restore order, reason and purpose to a chaotic world, help you in EVERY aspect of life, work, social situation and create an immensly benefitial portal of stress release like no other. 

The beauty of The Alina Sky System of Ownership by Degrees© Is, That it lets us set up the Level, Frequency, Consistency, Session Density, Domination Audios/email packages and Various Degrees of your future ownership by me.

But First Let’s dive in to what Mistress Ownership Will do for YOU and why you desperately need it.

Benefits Of Mistress Ownership ~ And Why You Need It

Benefits Of Mistress Ownership ~ The Alina Sky
Ownership By Degrees ®

We All know how chaotic life can get, for even the most organized amongst us. Demands of Work, Obligations, Personal commitments, Earning a living, can take their toll, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Many of my clients tell me that as the head  of their houshold they may be the ones earning the primary income, and often times, the sole income, and as sole providers the stress and need to be always “In Control” and fully responsible for the lives of many, including employees, makes those clients feel depleated and even unhinged, because NO ONE really takes care of THEM or allow them to be free of all burdens, at least of a little while.

You will be AMAZED at how giving yourself to a Mistress Ownership Program like mine, can answer so very many of your needs, re-allign your entire existance, rejuvenate and restore your energy levels and free you in ways you’ve never thought possible. The Key to a successful Ownership By Degrees Program is to first determine the level of ownership you might need and how we may go about it, and I use many tools to help you achieve your goals, and ALWAYS be there for you. Being a Mistress is not just a hobby for me, I take my clients and my work VERY seriously; so I PROMISE that if you become mine, I WILL be there for you consistently, so you feel owned, secure, balanced and cetnered as you need to be.

So whatever your custom made individual  DEGREE OF OWNERSHIP by Mistress Alina Sky Is Needed, there are ample options that you can choose from and can be adjusted as we go. From Phone Sessions to Skype Texting Packages, Audio Packages that will be customized to YOUR EXACT needs and you can listen to them on a regular basis, anytime, anywhere!

Benefits Of Mistress Ownership ~ Ownership and Session Types 

Benefits Of Mistress Ownership

The Mistress Alina Sky Ownership By Degrees also answers the need of one constant complaint I hear from new clients on a regular basis. They feel that many sessions and Mistresses intgeractions feel similar and although may be okay for a while they do NOT fit their long term goals and needs. 

Let me start by saying this:
Read this line again ⬆️⬆️☝️☝️
Each individual client has their own uniqe needs and those are certainly also evolving because circumstances change. The type of sessions also will differ because different triggers and suystems of Mistress Ownership , control, Punishments and Rewards have to make sense and yield results.
Some Clients work better with very stict control and high session density, some need humilation, punishments, devices such as chastity long or short terms, every ownership and degree of Mistress involvement varies including what session type works for each client. 

Benefits Of Mistress Ownership ~ Choose The Right Program For You
Benefits Of Mistress Ownership

I believe in personal and the unique needs of each client, not only in session types but also in reasonable budgets and PACKAGES I can create JUST for you
I will do so via email packages or audio products customized for you during times you need to re-listen to my voice and instructions, and when we are not on the phone or you can’t call!!!
so in my Ownership By Degrees Program you can simply pay as you go via phone calls or email/audio customized packages. 

So when you do become a long term slave you get the personlized attention customized just for you.

Audios encouragements and email correspondance and check ins, the frequencies of which depend on packages you purchase, according to your needs and budget. With All the Benefits of Mistress Ownership, your life will feel ancored, less chaotic, be more goal oriented, and when you are accountable to a Mistress, you KNOW you WILL follow through, because the rewards that come with obedience ARE ENDLESSSSS


Looking forward to owning you!

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